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So this is what Penny thinks of my stupid stair games (wait for it...) 😂

2393 67 May 23, 2017

These girls are little angels. They really are the best behaved kittens I've ever fostered. They play so nicely in the big house, no curtain climbing or scratching furniture or getting into mischief in places they're not supposed to be. They don't climb my legs or cover me in scratches. When it's bedtime they go back into the foster room and stay there quietly until I come get them. They have perfect litter box habits and they eat well. And the best part is they're so incredibly affectionate and sweet. These girls are going to make their new family so happy. . . They will be ready for adoption in early June. You must live locally (Vancouver Island) to adopt. My rescue does not do pre-adoptions or waiting lists. So you must be present on the day that I deliver them to the adoption location. I will announce where that is closer to the date.

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What's a chunky monkey and why does foster dad keep calling me dat? ~Amelia

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Nite nite kitten lovers ❤

6205 20 May 22, 2017

Princess Mia out surveying her kingdom (and a Milo photobomb 😂)

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Sunday funday!! 🐱

4845 22 May 21, 2017

Kitten Disneyland...formerly known as my living room 😝 . Background music: 'Sunny' by Bensound

3019 22 May 21, 2017

I just got this update on mama and babies. What a relief! Looks like they're nursing. We will keep monitoring to make sure they're getting enough milk. Mama should still be producing as they were only separated for 3 days. Normally it takes at least a week for mom to dry up. Fingers crossed everything continues to go well. . The babies and mom will likely stay where they are for now as we don't want to disturb them. The kittens may come back to foster with me when it's time to wean. We think there's a chance mama cat could be domesticated. She's scared but not at all aggressive. It's possible she was once someone's pet and was abandoned or lost.

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Goodnight kitten lovers ❤

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Seriously it's the best party ever, but you're not invited 😂

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Violet is having a party, and she doesn't care if anyone comes 🐱

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Someone's got a crush on Milo 😍

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