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“Grandpa’s energizing spirit’s in the marrow of our bones,” sisters Margaux and Muffin (Joan) Hemingway, the grandchildren of the famous author, told Vogue in 1975. That same year the six foot tall Margaux would become a cover girl for the magazine, and demonstrate that it’s better to leave sweating the small stuff to the other guy. Photographed by Francesco Scavullo, Vogue, April 1975. 125

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In need of some new energy? Tap the link in our bio for a few tips from energetic experts on how to freshen up your home for the new season. Photographed by , Vogue, November 2012.

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Not a sun worshipper? All-black getups can make a stylish statement on the beach too. Tap the link in our bio for a few ways to embrace your inner beach goth. Photographed by , Vogue, July 2014.

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Dream Saturday color scheme, as seen in sculptor Peter Reginato’s New York loft.

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Play time, circa 1927. Harriet Meserole drew this gamine who is forever ready to play ball, as are the contestants at the . 125

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There is pink, and then there’s Vogue Rose pink. The peachy hue of our 125th-anniversary flower, which was cultivated in partnership with horticulturists and grown in Arizona before arriving in gardens nationwide this summer, inspired the products in our first-ever collaboration with Here, model gets the 125 look by using every product in our . Find the full video and more details in the link in our bio. Video by Filmed at

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Leaning in to the long weekend. Photographed by , Vogue, April 1977.

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Fashion’s new faces embrace their inner flower child with bold, fresh prints. Photographed by , Vogue, May 2017.

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When launched his eponymous line in 1997, the term athleisure was barely a twinkle in the fashion industry’s collective eye. That’s precisely why Maier opted to launch his line of swimwear and cashmere sweaters. "It wasn’t always easy to find clothes to wear on your time off in those days," Maier remembers. "The concept was pieces for leisure but well designed. I thought: If I have little on my body, it better be well made—it’s already uncomfortable enough being half nude." Tap the link in our bio to learn how the designer is celebrating his 20th anniversary. Photographed by , Vogue, May 2001.

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describes his experience walking in 's Spring 1997 show as "a roller coaster in the sense that you’re worried that you’re going to crash but it’s exhilarating to be on it at the same time." He recounts: "Naomi Campbell was in that show, and there was a moment where we passed each other on the runway, which was very, very surreal and strange, and certainly nerve-racking because I was all of a sudden in this show in the middle of Fashion Week in Bryant Park with the biggest names in the industry." Tap the link in our bio for more stories from the men of

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A room should reflect a life well-lived (and well-traveled). Above, 's favorite room inside his 1930's Paris house, as seen on

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is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a former Miss World and current UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, but she is also a gifted actress who does her own stunts. Tap the link in our bio to watch our full interview with her, where she answers #73Questions.

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