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BEFORE the BAD DECISION is made, ask yourself; "IS IT WORTH MY LIFE". For Booking Inquiries: [email protected]
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Now of course despite me speaking with so much authority and conviction in my dialogue, this is NOT always the case. The least expected to fold sometimes is the one with creases in’em from folding so hard. And the square stands up. But this is just a precautionary measure to exercise if you plain in these streets. .

483 52 Jan 15, 2018

Do you know who the weak link is in your clique? Of course not. And you won’t know. Until they’re sittin in that cold interrogation room asking for a coke and a cigarette. Unless.....(watch next video). DigitalNetWork .

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Some people just mean you NO GOOD !!!! A lotta men out here are negating the fact that we’re suppose to be leaders and protectors. Of ourselves first and foremost. If you’re not good. You can’t assure anyone that you’ll see to it that they are. Embrace your life for what it is by all means. But also perfect your decision making about the company you select. Those people will NEVER be there when you really need them. DigitalNetWork

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This is an example of why whites (those to whom it applies)are happy dude is in the White House. Has nothing to do with economics or advancing the country’s agenda. They have a likeminded voice to speak on their behalf. But she like so many others don’t realize that THEY ARE THE ONES he cares NOTHING ABOUT. Trash like her is considered black or brown in his eyes. Cause she doesn’t appear to be classy enough to have bread. And probably her “PEEPS” either. Hate us but want our skin tone and verbiage so bad. FOH DigitalNetWork

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When you see someone eating the food you just threw into a public trash can, do you all of a sudden become hungry again and ask for your food back?......Sometimes food doesn’t need to be thrown away. It just needs to be wrapped up, preserved and re heated later. Just like relationships. Otherwise, don’t be upset when someone is hungry for what you didn’t want and starts to enjoy it. DigitalNetWork

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This could all be a matter of opinion or how it’s received. But do you really want someone around you who’s only around cause y’all gettin money together? There’s other ways people provide value besides money. Don’t get so caught up in the monetary aspect. Some people can afford to use money as a cradle and “Rock You To Sleep”. LITERALLY!! DigitalNetWork

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I’ll continue to show examples of why people of color are continuously growing fed up and slowly going away from the “let them talk they’re only words” narrative. See despite what the old sticks and stones jingle says, words DO HURT. And these kinda people have grown too comfortable with their mouths. Woulda been a great time for a nice hot cup of coffee to be on deck. 🤷🏾‍♂️ TMTDigitalNetWork

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This is a South Africa H&M Store. Now would I sanction or encourage this type of behavior? Though I understand the frustration, NO I would not. However, just like the monstrous behavior in Charlottesville a while back, I’m sure SOME of those guys kicking over racks were VERY FINE people. And unfortunately this is only the beginning. People are SICK and TIRED of the B S aimed at black and brown people. And the Reality is; some are going to risk and sacrifice their lives and freedoms. The days of being quiet are inevitably vastly approaching. Call it whatever you want. DigitalNetWork .

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Just a quick shout out to my nigga You got another one Playboy. Keep Mashin’. Staying OUTTA JAIL and Gettin paper is the goal.

559 25 Jan 13, 2018

It’s only about Cardi on THE SURFACE. But the root of the issue is much deeper. Black people essentially have the whole world against. (Not literally. So not right now race baiters). We need to find a way to do nothing except CONGRATULATE one another when we’ve reached levels of success. And NO the money doesn’t always equate to the success. Because some make unconventional sacrifices for money. Success at times can Simply be a transition of being at one level in life to FIGURING IT OUT with honest means, to get to the next. Why is anything else a discussion? DigitalNetWork

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Stop harassing the damn gate agents in the airport. They don’t fly no damn planes. Take yo angry impatient ass up to air traffic control and cuss at them and see what that get you. 😂😂😂😂. DigitalNetWork

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The REAL SHIT HOLES are the mouths of Trump and anybody who talks that same garbage he talks. No matter how hard they try though, or how insulting he/they are; the inevitable CANNOT BE STOPPED. Whites are becoming minorities and they’re scared to death 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ DigitalNetWork

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