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I would normally take this moment to trash or tease my brother but today you should be celebrated....Im happy as hell for you man. Continue to put on for our generation. Proud of you & your accomplishments tonight. Keep pushing pimp....P.S you sweated the left side of your sweater out 😂😂😂😂

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My son put a cape on me in the middle of one of my interviews on the red carpet today....I asked him what the cape was for & he said it was because his dad is Superman....I swear my kids blow my mind more & more everyday. I do it all for them....I love you son. Continue to make your dad proud. Your doing a hell of a job!

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Me & My Mini Me at the "Captain Underpants" premiere today. My little girl couldn't make it because she was destroying her opposing soccer team this morning but she was there in spirit. Make sure y'all go check "Captain Underpants" out on June 2nd in theaters everywhere!!!!

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Amazing night in Irvine California for the gang. This new hour of material is really coming together nice. I can't wait to make the world laugh....This next tour will be my biggest one yet!

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The cast of "Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie" ....Great day of promo with these guys today. Make sure y'all mark your calendars for June 2nd people....

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Knocking out promo for "Captain Underpants" & promo for my book "I Can't Make This Up" at the same damn time. On super duper grind mode right now....Captain Underpants is hitting theaters June 2nd & my book is hitting Book stores June 6TH....Im trying to be #1 on the New York Times best seller list damn it. Pre-Order your copy of my book today by clicking the link in my bio!!!!!

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This is not the kind of party you want in your pants. Follow and leave a caption for this video and I’ll select a winner tonight to get a free pair of Tommy Johns

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Attention New York & Philadelphia ....I'm headed your way damn it!!!! New York grab your tickets for BookCon this Live Q&A is about to be amazing damn it!!!! Philadelphia get your tickets as well

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So excited about the launch of the LAUGH OUT LOUD Network....I swear this is a dream come true people. This is a multicultural platform for comedy...ALL TYPES OF COMEDY!!!! My goal is to make the world laugh & this will be another tool that I use to achieve that goal!!!! Get ready damn it...."Laugh Out Loud" network is coming sooooon

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Let's goooooo New York....get your tickets to this live Q & A event at BOOKCON ON June 4TH....Tickets are going fast. Major shoutout to my brother for coming down to this amazing event to interview me in front of a live audience....Make sure y'all grab his book "Black Privilege"

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