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1052 28 Nov 18, 2017

Empty bones

1359 29 Nov 12, 2017

Tales from another time - I may be a bit obsessed with light flares.

711 28 Oct 29, 2017

Nature collapses - One week 👻

818 18 Oct 24, 2017

Because they'll give you everything you want if they first take everything from you.

670 16 Sep 17, 2017

The Hold - Because black and white filters always add more drama to the whole thing 50 days to go

1295 51 Sep 10, 2017

Galaxies in our minds

1291 49 Sep 5, 2017


900 38 Aug 31, 2017

Fear no evil

1003 41 Aug 27, 2017

This world is but a canvas for our imagination. •Henry David Thoreau•

1237 34 Aug 19, 2017

Limbo - Soooo. To all those wondering what happened to @/fallinlight : (you probably already noticed) I think I'll post less regularly than before. It doesn't necessarily mean 1 edit every 3 weeks; sometime maybe I'll post 3 edits a week, like before, but sometime maybe 1 per week. The thing is I have less and less time to shoot and make them, as I have to study for the baccalauréat this year (yay) and I travel quite often during holidays (lucky me). Finally, I just want to say that even if I post less than before, it doesn't mean I'll stop neither editing nor this account. I have loads of ideas for some upcoming edits! (Well that's the easy part of editing, but still, I can't wait to make them) If you read this far, congrats! [Ps: you might want to increase a bit the luminosity, the image being quite dark ; vid progression -> ]

950 29 Aug 7, 2017

Dreams - Hey 👋🏻 Sorry for my lack of edits, I have been so inactive these last weeks. I kinda run out of inspiration and motivation, which sucks. Also, since that I-accidentally-deleted-all-my-edit-projects accident, I lost a lot of time... I'll try to go out shoot in the upcoming days :) thank you for those who still remain

860 41 Jul 25, 2017