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Big happy birthday shout out to big sis Many blessings to you Keish. ❤

22 1 May 27, 2017

Down at Camden yards for with my little guy! | Orioles

58 0 May 24, 2017

After my shoot on Saturday I saw some young folks getting ready for prom so I decided to hang out for a few with them and their parents. Fun bunch! | withgoodpeople photography photography

36 2 May 22, 2017

Yesterday was yet another reminder of why I love what I do. I was having a very frustrating day but working with these two made it all better. When I'm shooting, I'm free. I'm relieved. Thanks for your patience and thank you for allowing me to continue to capture your journey. photography photography

59 2 May 21, 2017

Looks like I'm in for an all-nighter on this video edit. Love it though. |

22 5 May 19, 2017

Super proud of my brother for making it up to w/ to discuss his forthcoming book. Thank you for opening up your segment to a good brotha from Baltimore with an inspiring story and amazing path ahead of him. Your kindness and dedication to promoting health awareness isn't taken for granted. Much love. Thank you for your support, genuineness, and passion for the culture. 45

19 3 May 19, 2017
30 3 May 11, 2017

Shot of the day from yesterday goes to the young lady who left her own shoe in the dust. Don't let anything stop you or even slow you down. Keep. Fighting. |

142 19 May 8, 2017

Big shout out to my brother and partner-in-crime for coming thru at the last minute to help me with a special shoot yesterday. Jason has a heart of gold and always brings great, genuine energy to every situation he touches. Don't know what I would do without him sometimes. He even got to use a REAL camera! | makesthedreamwork

25 4 May 7, 2017

Came across this and it made me smile. |

31 3 May 4, 2017