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My film ‘Under an Arctic Sky’ is officially on Netflix! . My heart is full of gratitude to the whole team that worked on this project for over 2 years, and to all you who have sent us feedback. Telling this story was truly one of the greatest journeys I have ever taken. You can download & stream the film just about everywhere now and the extras including directors commentary, slideshow & BTS cut are on iTunes. . From day one this adventure was about pushing technology & the way we interact with nature. Thanks for supporting the journey & if you see it leave a review online 🙏🏽 .

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Father & son.

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I love when a post stirs opinions, Like this one. It means people are forced to deal with an ideology or thought process that is different than their own & choose to agree, disagree or educate. I don't ride motorcycles but have a massive respect for that do & understand the need for people to enjoy access to open land for a VARIETY of uses. One of the biggest issues I see is that trying to take a one sided approach to how we use these places alienates many people and interest groups. Continuing with this "I'm right, you're wrong" mindset when it comes to public space is what has divided us thus far. Although it's a beautiful idea that all nature could be preserved and left in a perfect state ( in a perfect world it would be) it's not the case for us & that also alienates the way some people enjoy land. Although this ^ is more disruptive than putting bolts on a wall, taking non native animals outdoors, the romanticized idea of livestock/ farming or creating a mtn bike or hiking trial.. All damage nature in some small way. Keep in mind every road we drive on was once unspoiled nature. our homes stand on land that belonged to someone else and may have displaced wildlife. For those who have a mind set that this is "just for likes" or some idiotic rhetoric - this place is a long standing and widely used ATV and off road area used by thousands and widely enjoyed. Photos & videos of it are all over. I share work here i have shot personally and commercially and I can guarantee that my interest in people’s ‘likes’ is the least motivating force behind what I shoot and share. I would implore you to think before speaking, commenting and try to understand the motivation behind such a post. If people did the smallest bit of research they would understand that my greatest goal is to challenge how people think and view roles in the environment. Doing that doesn’t always mean you embrace popular opinion.———————————— . Original caption: Equal importance should be placed on creating places where people can play as much as protect. . riding the line in Hanksville Utah's open access land.

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I got a text this morning with this photo attached. "I'm not too familiar with the English language, but I think this is what 'stoked' means." - said. I would say this is a perfect translation. 🙏 thanks for this one Haukur.. One of the best days of my life.

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While walking along this dirt road in Hampi India we came to a palm tree that was rustling & a low screeching noise was coming from the branches. We looked up to see a massive Cobra eating a bird just a few feet above our heads. It was coiled through the branches in a pretzel like shape. I've seen some crazy things but that was still one of the gnarliest to this day. . If you wanna see the video check my personal page

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A season of change. A full coat of winter armor on Goðafoss is impressive to witness.

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It maybe be a greater injustice to the places we love to experience their beauty, acknowledge their need for protection & not share it with those around you. . 4-6 thousand feet above Utah badlands shot through the small window of a Kodiak with a 70-200mm lens & Sony A7riii.

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The scale is crazy... and when you think about it, you begin to understand just how small of a void we truly fill.

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Stacked layers of earth like the chapters of a book, the desert landscape can teach us a lot about the earth's history. Maybe more than any other. It's clues are subtle with the slightest change in color, texture, rock & vegetation, often stacking on top of eachother. I love looking back to try & understand what I see in a photograph. Maybe someone much smarter than me can explain the geomorphology going on here?

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For the whole month of December I am offering 10 free prints to anyone that brings us Food for the homeless shelter. If you are in California & can swing by my gallery in Pismo Beach we would love to have you drop off your non perishable items & accept this small gift from us. Last year we filled two bins. 🙏 . Address is Geotagged above. You can find us there M-F / 9-6. Sadly this is only an in person offer 😌. . Looking for Holiday Gifts? everything in my shop is currently 25% off - Prints/Books/Merch - Use code: CBHOLIDAY25 at checkout. 🤙

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Sometimes it is just slivers of color that make all the difference. This country always forces me to look at the details & slow my process down a bit. Thank you.

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What speaks to you?

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