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248 7 Dec 17, 2017

Don’t wait for motivation to work. work now and motivation will emerge. Happy monday everyone!

335 25 Nov 6, 2017

Developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life. -amy morin.

272 12 Nov 2, 2017

Well dress. Well taste.

173 9 Nov 1, 2017

JJS nyari manuk🐧

318 20 Sep 20, 2017

This’s the video from awesomeness 16Bandung in Patenggang. From strangers to become family. It cause you , thanks for connecting us! . 16💌 16bandung

272 74 Sep 10, 2017

Chill morning at Situ Patenggang has never felt this warm with over 300 instagramers! gather up to celebrate 16bandung all the way from Bandung and other cities around Indonesia. - We started from 5AM in the morning, keeping our self warm around the bonfire while our mouth was busy with barbeque sausage, burcang and coffee, or just resting our sleepyhead on the hammock. You know it's instameet when people are lost in excitement of capturing the best moment with their gears: camera phone, DSLR, analog camera, mirrorless, instant camera... you name it. And that's what we did, making memories of sunrise, hazy scenery, even faces of our new friends. - Don't forget about 16 theme – – as spreading kindness is the essence of this Instameet, it symbolized with fish releasing and environment cleaning act. Through yesterday's event, we would like to thank for connecting us! - But it's not over here. Next up, we gonna hold photo exhibition (time and place to be announced soon!). Keep sharing your photos to Instagram with hashtag 16Bandung - Hosted by - Photo by - 16💌 16Bandung

296 24 Sep 10, 2017

16💌 is the best time for capturing a moment, meet with old & new friends, chill with another and having fun together! 16Bandung

344 46 Sep 9, 2017

Time to chilling out from the hectic city.

407 22 Sep 5, 2017

Hello! 16Bandung will coming soon!! This 16💌 theme is and It will be held at: Situ Patenggang, 9 September 2017 . How to join? Just click: (Link on bio) . And what are you waiting for? Let’s join and spread your kindness!! . 16💌 16Bandung 16Indonesia

198 10 Sep 2, 2017

Seeing the future✨

252 33 Aug 23, 2017

Story of Sunda Kelapa🌴 Song by:

210 37 Aug 21, 2017