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This juvenile Striped Skunk came in with a rat trap on her right front paw. Wildlife Technicians were able to remove the trap and although the paw is very swollen, no fractures are present. We will be carefully monitoring her over the next few days as these sorts of pressure injuries have a tendency to become worse after a few days due to damage to the underlying tissue. A second skunk has also just bern admitted with more severe injuries to her paws, also from a rat trap. Keep your thoughts with these little ones! rehab rescue rescuebc

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Adorable box-o-skunks, anyone? Just a few of the 80 baby skunks we have admitted so far this summer - and many have already been returned to life in the wild! And great news! We have a new addition in our online store and now you can adopt a skunk of your very own! Just go to to browse or buy!

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A cute vintage skunk toy and a old cameo stick pin s

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