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Getting touched up on set. 2059 📸

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When losing your mind gets caught on camera 😂

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Awards glamour! Charley Webb and Zoe Henry take a selfie on the red carpet. ⠀ ⠀ Magic Family Life Series Drama

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' brand new RED😍🤗

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Dual wielding on set today! 💪🎥🎥 Similarly to how I played Halo in highschool.

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Caffeine brings me back to life.😎

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Don't you sometimes feel like someone is on your side telling you to do something? Shot from video shoot. ist

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In honor of return, here is a pic of me playing a . Many of you have asked if and when I'm appearing on the show... well, here's the full story. The is from a I did for and a couple years ago. I worked with execs, and several of the team from the actual show, including , , , and ... yes, that is a legit Dothraki wardrobe from the set and I got to wield an actual Dothraki . Of course we attempted to parlay this experience into an appearance on the show. With much tenacity, I was able audition for season 6 for one of the Khals. I got several s deep into it, but ultimately it didn't work out. Last fall, however, they brought me back in to for a recurring role on Season 7. I DID book the part this time, woohoo!! But due to some last minute schedule changes, it became logistically impossible for me to get to the set in time, unfortunately, so they had to go with someone more local to the set. It's been exciting to have come this close, and to be only the 3rd American to don a (behind amazing cast members Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage)... So, fingers crossed for a season 8 appearance! 💪🏽😎🎭⚔️🛡🔮 call Season7 life

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"The Nature Rules" Good evening folks! 🙋🏼‍♂️ The shooting day was shorter than expected. Firstly we had to drive 2000m on the mountains to reach our location. The weather was beautiful and we had a successful start. Later the day the weather became rainy and we needed to take a break. We will continue tomorrow. I hope you enjoy those few impressions from our first day. location tographer tography life

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Ready to roll 🎬🎥

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After about a month of preparation, we shot our short film in a single night. Our actors brought their A game and I couldn't be more proud if them. This was my first production as a Director of Photography and I'm incredibly excited about how the film has come out so far. So, to celebrate here is a shot of from the set. Stay tuned for more photos from the set.

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Finding a little slice of home- on a show set in Canada....

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Check out my new selfie rig 📸 j/k. From a shoot this Tuesday in Brooklyn and pre-sunrise start Wednesday on the . The gear nerd in me f&@$ing loved this crazy rig. My arms and back...Not so much 7s 5

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Making the magic ✨| Jeanette Moncada is a Production Designer and Photo Stylist she creates visual concepts for branded content, web series and music videos to bring ideas to life.

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Levitation . . . _london

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to India filming LINGAA. Such a fun experience!!! You can buy LINGAA now on

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These classic beauties showed up on set today. Too bad they were only props. . . . . . . . #10k making

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On-set "Mel Tells" webseries "Horse Party" shoot Mel Krystal watch Jay go crazy 😆🎬

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