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Video by | This male horned guan photographed at the is a part of a species whose population is declining at an alarming rate. These endangered birds, named for the bright red horn on top of their heads, build their nests high above predators in leafy trees throughout Guatemala and Mexico. Unfortunately, their habitats are being destroyed mainly due to deforestation caused by logging and agricultural expansion. Currently, only 1,000-2,000 horned guans exist in the wild. To see a portrait of this horned guan, follow . . . photography

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Video by | This beautiful European barn owl was rescued and rehabilitated in Italy by Il Futuro della Biodiversita Locale in Italy. This owl’s rescuers suspected that she had accidentally consumed poisoned prey and was nearing death upon her arrival at the rehabilitation center. Every hour she received medication and meals until she was healthy again. Eventually, she became strong enough to safely be released back into the wild. Barn owls are the most widespread of any owl species, thriving on six continents and on many islands. This bird’s ghostly appearance, eerie call, and habit of roosting in places like church belfries and abandoned buildings has provoked a lot of negative superstition. However, since barn owls prey mainly on rats and mice, their presence has actually proven to be quite beneficial for some. Barn owls have very soft feathers, which help them fly silently while on the hunt. Their ears are lopsided on the sides of their heads, one higher than the other, which helps them to triangulate the sound made by prey, and detect its exact location, even in total darkness. Il Futuro della Biodiversita Locale’s goal is to collect, rehabilitate and release animals back into the wild. Since late 2016 they’ve collected over 300 animals and released more than 80. The organization involves teenagers in the release of the recuperated animals to help them become aware of the importance of caring for the environment. For more about this conservation program, follow and In order to help save the lives of barn owls near you, always use chemical-free, non-toxic rodent control. Check out to see an image of another barn owl and learn more about these majestic creatures. . . s photography

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Video by | The great green macaw once thrived in substantial numbers in Central and northern South America, but today their populations are dwindling. The illegal pet trade in conjunction with habitat loss due to agricultural development and logging has sadly pushed this bird onto the endangered species list. Thankfully, the great green macaw is protected by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and there are numerous conservation programs for this species. However, this bird and many other rainforest species will not survive if we do not fight to protect their habitats. This bird was photographed at , an institution dedicated to conserving species as well as educating and inspiring its visitors to love nature. To see a portrait of this bird, follow . . .

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Video by | Roan antelope are the second largest antelope species and males can weigh up to 300 kg (660 lbs). They are found in savanna woodlands and grasslands from south Sahara to Botswana, where they live in small herds that will fight aggressively when threatened. This species has been eliminated from large parts of its former range because of poaching and loss of habitat due to the expansion of human settlement and agriculture. This antelope was photographed at in Italy. Big thank you to the , an organization dedicated to getting young people involved with the release of wild animals in order to promote conservation. To see a portrait of this antelope, follow . . . photography

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Video by | This least bittern arrived as a chick at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota ( ) after being found huddled up next to a house with no parents in sight. It had clearly been alone for a long time and showed signs of hypothermia. The bird weighed less than an AA battery and needed medical attention, so the center admitted it for care. Shortly after it’s admittance, this bird developed pneumonia and was placed on antibiotics and pain medication. Slowly but surely it regained its health and was eventually well enough to be released back into the wild to fly free. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota is one of the nation's oldest and most active wildlife hospitals. This year alone, the center is expects to treat more than 13,000 animals, most of which are brought in by concerned citizens in the area. The center runs solely on donations and is able to keep these creatures alive and well through the generosity of those who support it. To see a portrait of this least bittern, check out . . . rehab ilitation rehab photography

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Video by | Blue is a relatively rare color for animals to be, unless you're a crayfish! Over twenty species, including the blue crayfish (Cambarus monongalensis) which live in seeps and roadside ditches in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia in the U.S.A., are dominated by various shades of blue. In North America, all crayfish that are blue are burrowing species that do not live in streams. Burrowing crayfish serve as ecosystem engineers and create habitat that is utilized by hundreds of species-- from insects to massasauga rattlesnakes. Their presence on the landscape literally leads to increased biodiversity, making 'mudbugs' an invaluable member of the communities they are part of. The West Liberty University Crayfish Conservation Laboratory studies these animals and supplied the crayfish pictured here. To see a portrait of this blue crayfish, check out . . . photography photography

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Sunda scops owls can be found throughout Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Interestingly, they are one of the only species of owl that has grown along with the human population around it. This is because they are extremely adaptable and often nest in gardens, agricultural fields, inside buildings and, of course, in trees. Their call is a distinctive “whooop” that occurs in intervals of ten to fifteen seconds. This owl was photographed at in Malaysia. . REMINDER: There is still time to buy signed books from our store for Christmas! However, all prints will be unsigned from now until the end of the month. Click the link in my bio to see what’s available! . . s ofprey photography

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Frogfish have an incredible ability to transform their coloration and pigment pattern in order to blend in with their surroundings as well as to mimic a potential meal to lure in prey. Warty frogfish like this one at the can appear in colors ranging from pink and yellow to brown and red. They can also generate spots and saddle patterns on their bodies. Sometimes they even turn plain white in order to camouflage with coral during bleaching events. . . photography

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Photo by : A male sand cat, Felis margarita, poses for .

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写真 : コクレルシファカ(ヒューストン動物園) . 「PHOTO ARK:動物の箱舟」 ― 存在すら知らない相手を守ることはできない ― ナショナル ジオグラフィックの写真家ジョエル・サートレイ による、世界の動物園・保護施設で飼育されている1万2,000種の動物すべてを写真で記録し、発表することで、絶滅の危機にある動物への関心を高めることを目的としたプロジェクト。ナショジオでは、サートレイが動物と格闘しながら写真に収めていく舞台裏に密着した番組を放送! 毎週水曜午後11:00放送中! . 【イベント開催!】 『ナショナル ジオグラフィック TV「PHOTO ARK:動物の箱舟」放送記念 写真と映像で知る絶滅危惧種の動物展』 プロジェクトで撮影された中から厳選した写真を展示。番組の上映会も行います。 日時:2017年12月22日(金)~2018年1月8日(月)10:00~18:00 ※2018年1月1日(月)は休館 場所:iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL 二子玉川ライズ 料金:無料 ***** の箱舟 イベント

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写真 : 絶滅が危惧されているボルネオオランウータン。赤ちゃんのオーロラとお母さんのシャイアン(ヒューストン動物園) . 「PHOTO ARK:動物の箱舟」 ― 彼らは音もなくこの地球から消える。 ― ナショナル ジオグラフィックの写真家ジョエル・サートレイ による、世界の動物園・保護施設で飼育されている1万2,000種の動物すべてを写真で記録し、発表することで、絶滅の危機にある動物への関心を高めることを目的としたプロジェクト。ナショジオでは、サートレイが動物と格闘しながら写真に収めていく舞台裏に密着した番組を放送! 毎週水曜午後11:00放送中! . 【イベント開催!】 『ナショナル ジオグラフィック TV「PHOTO ARK:動物の箱舟」放送記念 写真と映像で知る絶滅危惧種の動物展』 プロジェクトで撮影された中から厳選した写真を展示。番組の上映会も行います。 日時:2017年12月22日(金)~2018年1月8日(月)10:00~18:00 ※2018年1月1日(月)は休館 場所:iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL 二子玉川ライズ 料金:無料 ***** の箱舟 イベント

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Video by | The Northern Bald Ibis is a critically endangered species that is highly social and congregates in large flocks. At one time two separate populations existed-- a non-migratory Northern African/European population and a migratory Middle-eastern population. It has been of special focus of both European Zoos and US Zoos to keep a healthy captive population with the intent of preserving the species. Many cultural myths are associated with this species and some scholars believe this species was the representative of the Ancient Egyptian God of Knowledge, Thoth. With the conflicts in Syria and other portions of the Middle East, that migratory population has been under extreme pressure and was feared to have been lost. However, recent sightings have confirmed that a few birds still remain. The good news is that it’s been confirmed that the Northern African population has been growing and is starting to form satellite colonies. The , where this bird was photographed, supports this species by being an active member of the SSP (species Survival Plan) and, along with the other Zoos in this program, works to safeguard the species for future generations. To see a portrait of this bird, check out ! . . photography

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For the nature lover! We love THE INNER LIVES OF ANIMALS and National Geographic’s PHOTO ARK. Both H IS FOR HAWK and THE SHEPHERD’S LIFE are seminal modern classics in the nature genre.

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사진을 사진으로 남기기. 변화하는 생태계에 적응하지 못해 사라지는 종의 보호가 무조건적으로 맞는가에 의문이 들었지만 자연적인 이유가 아니라면, 뭐.

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#20171217 오랜만에 사진전. 동물들의 증명사진. 멸종위기종들에 대해 까맣게 모르고있던 나같은 이를 위한 전시회.

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어머나🤭 침팬지랑 같이 원더걸스 소희 안무ㅋㅋ . 하윤이도 같이 볼 만한 전시회 찾다 발견한 특별전 . . 아는 동물은 이름도 불러주고 흉내도 내고 우아우아 하며 나름 신나게 관람했다😆 . . 전시회가 끝나고 나오면 MEDIA ZOO 라고, 영상으로 꾸며 놓은 공간이 있는데 형형색색 너무 예뻤다❤️ . 마지막 두 사진은 영상 속 구름 그네 타는 언니 보며 신기해하는중ㅋㅋㅋ 구름 그네다!! . . 사실 하윤이에겐 즐거운 자연관찰 이었지만, 여기 있는 모든 동물들은 생존 위험에 처해 있는 생물종들. 사진 속 동물들 표정이 뭔가 애처로워 보여서 남편이랑 나는 중간 중간 좀 먹먹하기도 했다💧 . 내년엔 이런 이야기도 같이 나눌 수 있겠지☺️ . . 656일 #21개월아기 스타그램 소통 스타그램 랑갈만한곳

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写真 : 絶滅の危機にあるマレートラ(米国ネブラスカ州、ヘンリードリー動物園) . 「PHOTO ARK:動物の箱舟」 ― 彼らは音もなくこの地球から消える。 ― ナショナル ジオグラフィックの写真家ジョエル・サートレイ による、世界の動物園・保護施設で飼育されている1万2,000種の動物すべてを写真で記録し、発表することで、絶滅の危機にある動物への関心を高めることを目的としたプロジェクト。ナショジオでは、サートレイが動物と格闘しながら写真に収めていく舞台裏に密着した番組を放送! 毎週水曜午後11:00放送中! . 【イベント開催!】 『ナショナル ジオグラフィック TV「PHOTO ARK:動物の箱舟」放送記念 写真と映像で知る絶滅危惧種の動物展』 プロジェクトで撮影された中から厳選した写真を展示。番組の上映会も行います。 日時:2017年12月22日(金)~2018年1月8日(月)10:00~18:00 ※2018年1月1日(月)は休館 場所:iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL 二子玉川ライズ 料金:無料 ***** の箱舟 イベント

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Glad tredje advent!🎄Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent! Tomorrow’s last day to order your gifts from us so you’ll have them before Christmas!

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171216 전쟁기념관 내셔널지오그래픽 특별전

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СДЕЛАЕМ МИР ЛУЧШЕ! ЗАКЛЮЧЕНИЕ 🔻 Вот и последний пост этой небольшой ,но глубокой истории! Сейчас я хочу ,чтобы вы просто посмотрели эти 5 видео ,услышьте Джоэла Сарторе ! 🔻 В 1 видео он в принципе и рассказывает то ,о чем я вас хочу попросить ! Друзья,давайте поможем дикой природе ! Давайте будем популизировать их! Давайте думать и помогать им! Давайте хотя бы просто расскажем об этом своим друзьям! Ну вот и все ,спасибо всем большое! Только вместе мы сможем изменить этот мир в лучшую сторону! Давайте попробуем это ,и вдруг ,все получится ! s ark

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오늘의 다음에 다빈치얼라이브 보러 또 와야할 곳.

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"Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance."

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( ) ・・・ Video by | The Sumatran rhino is considered one of the rarest mammals in the world. Poaching is rampant for this species and only about 100 are left living within the fragmented rainforests of Southeast Asia. Pictured here is a female Sumatran rhinoceros named Suci at the Suci was one of only two in human care in the United States and one of only 10 worldwide. She was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2007 and, to the devastation of her keepers and many other admirers, she passed away in 2014. Suci served as a critical component in the fight to save rhinos by contributing to research on female sexual maturity through the testing of her fecal matter. Because of this research, ongoing breeding programs will have a better chance of propagating the species. To see a portrait of Suci, follow . . . photography

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내가 잘 하는 일로 더 나은 세상을 만들기 위해 최선을 다하는 것, 멋졌다. 나도 내 위치에서 내가 할 수 있는, 의미 있는 일들을 찾아보고 싶었다. 신방과에서 배웠던 것처럼 사진은 사실 그대로를 담은 매체가 아니다. 다분히 의도적이고, 그러한 사진의 파급력과 영향력은 굉장하다. 멸종위기에 닥친 동물들은 관심을 달라는 듯 귀여운 표정으로 보호본능을 자극하고 있었다. 이미 멸종이 되었거나 개체수가 극소수로 남은 동물들의 모습은 씁쓸함을 자아내고 슬픈 눈빛을 담고 있었다. 관람자에게 말을 거는 듯 정면을 응시하고 있는 동물들의 두 눈에는 짙은 호소력이 드리워져 있었다. 작가도 사진을 통해 동물들와 교감해보라고 했다. 이렇게 공익적 의도를 담은 사진의 매체효과를 잘 활용했으니, 조엘사토리의 메시지가 효과적으로! 전달될 수 있을거라고 믿는다. 이 프로젝트의 함의가 많은 사람들에게 널리 전달되길🙏🏻🙏🏻

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집에 사슴을 놓고 싶었는데 갔다가 마음에 쏙 드는 밤비 발견!! 어제 데이트하다가 우연히 를 관람하게 되었는데 의외였다 생각지도 못하게 지구상에서 사라지고 있는 수많은 동물들이 있다는게 조금 소름끼치기도 하고.. 이미 사라진 동물들도 안타깝고.. 많은 생각을 하게 만드는 전시회였다 #180304까지

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