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My motivation 💪🙂 This was back in October. Working on getting that Itty bitty waist and shoulders back. What motivates you??

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Flight 20 for 2017.

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Perks of a confused body clock, Thailand Edition: Pink skies and longboat commutes.

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this is a bit of an old pic but I just need to express my appreciation for - been crushing it heaaavy and absolutely loving it!!! anyone wanting to get their zen on with me I'm in 10000% . . . . .

853 11 May 22, 2017

Not traveling light! I have my Spark 700 (27.5 120mm), a spare wheelset, and my luggage! I'm going to the 5 day epic! There's one enduro race stage and since I can't really travel with my xc AND my enduro bike, I brought some wider rimmed (26mm) wheels and burlier tires for the enduro! 12 hours of travel to go...! 😃✈️

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Happy 31st Jules!!! 11 6

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Finalmente me preparando para , depois de 9 meses retirar a placa de titânio horrorosa "robôcop " do meu braço. ..........💉🔪💊💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻

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IT'S PRAYER TIME! Just left a gospel concert with true worship and high praise to get home and hear the news about the Manchester terrorist attack. We are at war or preparing for war all over the world. However, there's an even bigger battle going on that we cannot see happening all around us right now; 24-7. It's called spiritual warfare. It's a war between good and evil; Jehovah God and His adversary...for souls. But are we too blind to see it because we're distracted by...whatever? Church, WAKE UP and STAY WOKE! Believers, we must be dressed and ready at all times to fight in this battle. I'm asking all prayer soldiers and intercessors to join me for prayer tonight. Let's bombard heaven with prayers for the families who lost loved ones in Manchester and all over the world today due to terror. Let's plead the blood of Jesus and ask God to cover all children and the innocent across the planet. God hears us when we pray.

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Can you guess which tie I ordered for next weekend from let me see if you can guess in the comment section below!

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Nächste Woche geht es wieder auf nach Holland 🇳🇱 Ich freue mich so!

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I remember when I first met you. 21 year old that only shopped at Whole Foods. I quickly introduced you to my 99 cent store grocery trips. Now you're 23 and never would I imagine us road tripping and living out of our cars, showering in waterfalls, eating cold canned soups cold. Doing anything we could to save money and travel more. I love you so much. Happy 23rd birthday! Super proud to say my girl can grind 💪. P.S she's a cougar

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Hit some squats today started off with some 225x7 to warmup and finally hit my pr of 315x2

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