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Cannonball squats 👊🏼 via

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W10D3 - inhalen van gister (was mij een beetje te glad) 🏃🏻💨🙏🏻🎉 Warm-up in Z2 // 10:00 minuten Hardlopen in Z4 // 5:00 minuten Hardlopen in Z2 // 1:00 minuut Herhaal 4x 6,4 km✔️🇳🇱🎉🤗 - - HR rest - 49 bpm HR average - 161 bpm HR max - 180 bpm HR recovery - 119 bpm [29 bpm] Cadans - 176 spm Calorieën - 431 kcal ~ ~ Voor het rennen een BG van 8,4 mmol/l 0 eh insuline Boterhammetje met pindakaas 😋 Hardlopen Na 6,4 km een BG van 3,8 mmol/l 🤗 - - - raining ness plus running running • • • • 1 1d runner ype1one

302 18 Dec 13, 2017

I'm back 👊🏼 Après six semaines d'arrêt due à ma blessure aux Templiers 💯, me revoilà !!! Courir m'a énormément manqué 😓. Donc inscription pour les mardis avec le coach et mes bro' et pour une séance côtes qui 🔥bien les jambes, surtout pour une reprise 😅. Départ de la boutique lyon , au passage merci à toute l'équipe de , vous êtes au 🔝les gars, on grimpe jusqu'à Fourvière pour un 10 x 30 sec à fond dans les jardins de la basilique. Ça pique mais ça fait un bien de ouf 👊🏼. Retour à la boutique pour se réhydrater 🍻😂. La compétition me manque, je vais bien m'entraîner durant ce mois de décembre pour remettre les dossards officiels début 2018. Prenez soin de vous ✌🏼

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“In winter, forgive the fallen leaves of your past.” ~ Terri Guillemets

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Yes or No? Kyrie 4

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Türchen 13 von . Türchen 13 führt mit in den verschneiten Harz 😍. Die Langlauf-Saison hat angefangen. ❄🎿 Und es ist so schön! Sport im Freien hilft auch einfach gegen jeden Winterblues. 😅 Also ab in den Schnee! imharz dumdiewelt ner ning ningpassion ningaddict withasmile isfun 17challenge

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Tried steak for the first time ever yesterday and I was not disappointed. 👌🏻 Gotta enjoy 😊 bulking season because I can eat various foods and try new things out, but actually I'm quite ready to start dieting again.

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The time is now

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Get your guns ready for the summer. Bulk..cut...shine. ---

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Loved our tour of the Arsenal home ground in London a couple of trips ago. My next ✔️is to see a game live. ⚽️ . . . . . sport fc

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Always great to be back in town after travelling...showed my parents around Mumbai this morning with ... 7am start from the Gateway of India... a fun walking tour across all main sights in Mumbai and especially Colaba... can highly recommend the walking and cycling tours... ...

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Life is better when you playing basketball. . . . . . . . player

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GYM MONDAY. I missed gym so much!!!! It was just one Saturday that I wasn’t able to have my personal training... but dang... I missed it sooooo much.... It was really snowy today but I wanted to have my Fight Fit!!! And you know, I kinda missed Seb coaching me! Hahahaha! My fave classmate Vanessa joined the class!!! Yehey!!! Great thing she was there! It was more fun!!! There were a lot of burpees today!!! I think Vanessa and I lost count of the rounds already. All I was sure of was it was either 14 or 15 rounds but I said 14 because it’s better to have the less number than make myself believe it was more than. 😁 Gosh I missssssed this so much... hahahahahah!!!

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用實力打造屬於自己的未來 完成自己的夢想拼圖 放手一搏!

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Hello!!!!! Ended last week a bit down and demotivated as I was told unlike EVERYONE ELSE IN MY OFFICE I will not be able to work from home during the Christmas break. So I'll be all on my lonesome between Christmas and New Year in an empty building because my boss doesn't believe in "working from home" sighhhhhhhhhhh. But hey new week, new attitude. I'm lucky to have my job and maybe I can have some fun exploring the offices and studios whilst no one is here. Onwards and upwards x

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Cousin love, birthday celebrations 💕🤸‍♂️💖⭐️🎆🦋 can’t believe I turn the big 33 tomorrow-whatever that means😂by far the most interesting, transformative year I’ve ever had😄💕And I still think I’m 18🤣what a fabulous age to be, my lucky number is 3 & double numbers, well ...are always following me😁💜🦋 iswealth ylifestyle yjourney ⭐️☺️

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✖️ ✖️ Servus Sportsfreunde 🙋🏻‍♂️ Heute gehts bei uns ( und ich ) nach Stuttgart🙌🏼🎉😉 💁🏽‍♂️ Wünschen euch einen schönen Tag 😁 ❓Trainiert ihr heute❓ - - - - _____________________________________________________________________ time

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My Mind Is Stuck On You

10 1 Dec 18, 2017

Как же хорошо, что когда тебе нужно вставать в понедельник в 6.00😭, чтобы пойти на тренировку и там умереть, как всегда😵(раз пришла, значит нужно пахать😨😰) есть человек, который тебя разбудит со словами: "Давай вставай, ты же сильная. Потом будешь жалеть, что не пошла, красотка)"🐻 И я иду и умираю там каждый раз, потому что я сильная и очень люблю спорт) Надеюсь, что Ваш 🐻 такой же спортивный💪, как и мой, а если нет, то желаю Вам все же начать работать над собой вместе🤗👊 И если Вам по какой-то причине не хватает мотивации или Вы устали, очень круто когда рядом есть еще одна заряженная батарейка😘🐻💋 girl woman fun together

7 1 Dec 18, 2017

Thomas Edison - Try everything, keep going, success will come no matter what!🔥 Intentalo todo, sigue no te detengas, el éxito ya viene!🔥

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Don't just exist,live.

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Day 2 of •backbend• 🎄Hosts: 🎄Sponsors: Pose lineup for those who like to plan ahead: 13th - Forward fold ⭐️ 14th - Backbend ⭐️ 15th - Triangle 16th - Splits 17th - Camel 18th - Headstand 19th - Pigeon 20th - Hollowback 21st - Dancer 22nd - Cobra 23rd - Pincha Mayurasana 24th - Yogis choice everydamnday journey spo girl fam ness love

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When is it a good time to start...now!! Get ready for your summer body by putting in the work now, consistency is the key💪🏾 40

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from with ... Esse é daquele só de ver a foto já me dá vontade de correr mais #21k . Bora seguir a preparação por quê a próxima já está na lista 🤞 Bom dia 😜 . . . ner itfast happy nersworld #30tododia ningcommunity training

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Amo lento ma corro veloce 🏃‍♀️. . . . run ning run ning ner plus ness ners ners ner shoes run club women happy nerscommunity nersofinstagram nergirl original cortez

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New font? ⛺

3 2 Dec 18, 2017

Bester Start in den Urlaub?! Für mich ne Runde frühsport..schon ewig nicht mehr gemacht & umso mehr genossen! Langsam ist die volle Energie wieder da..heute steht so einiges an..💪🔋

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Happy Monday! We start another week filled with opportunities to shine, to do you art, to encourage others, to dance, to push harder. We are almost there!, 2 more weeks and 2017 will be over, is there anything you wish to accomplish before the end of the year? Is there someone you need to forgive, to call, to show appreciation? You still have time.. as today’s reminded us: “Hold the excuses” and just do it... but please, while you’re on it... SMILE! 😊😊 💕 . . . workersinsuits events #2018goals 150

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"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." -Oprah Some of us wake up on Monday and the first we feel is sadness. If we focus on doing what we we will start to feel , , accomplished and worthy. You will not always gave a day, but in that day you should be able to smile. Whatever takes away your smiles has the power to cause sadness. Regroup, refocus and reflect on what can change your mood and your .

5 1 Dec 18, 2017

Yes! Make things happen! Everything is in a state of rest unless acted upon by an external force. Nothing will move until you move it! . . Have a great Monday! . . motivation

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The 5 year old artist is behind this one. She picked up our personalities to a "T" 💋👑

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Monday holiday run🏃👌 100 min. 20 km 5:02 km/min 🏃 To je tak, když si v pondělí vezmu dovolenou. Možností co dělat jsou stovky, ale já jdu běhat 😂 ning ningman ningworld ningislife ani czech running nerluke world ner

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M O T I V A T I O N A L . F I X - Sometimes life is confusing. Ever woken up one day and saw that it was sunny ☀️ outside but when you walk out the door you’re disappointed 😔 by how cold the wind blows in your face... 💨 we’ve all experienced disappointment similar to this and worse... - When life isn’t giving you a clear sense of direction ⏩⏩⏩, It is down to YOU to pave a path to your destiny 🛣 - . . . . . ness ness motivation fam life ness motivation motivation

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