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Mark your calendars and set your DVR's for THIS MONDAY on HBO. This young man, Plemons had two home armed robbery invasions and facing possible LIFE in prison. Judge showed mercy and gave him ONE SHOT at this hard core prison boot camp. If you look closely he had to duck tape his glasses together because they broke. I asked him, IF he completes his boot camp sentence, what's the first thing he's gonna do when he gets out? He said throw away his broken glasses and buy a new pair. I told him he should buy a new pair, but hold onto these broken duck taped glasses because they're now a symbol of CHANGE. He smiled huge and agreed. Funny how little things Iike this can mean so much to someone who turns their life around. Join us this Monday for my passion project and look inside a place that has real impact on young lives. Break em down. Build em up. THIS MONDAY on HBO.

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with ・・・ I started getting arrested at 14yrs old. Our new project means a lot to me. We take you inside one of the most hardcore prison boot camps in the world. Their success rate is unprecedented. In 2012 when I walked into this Dade County facility to speak with these offenders about taking advantage of their second shot at life, I knew then this was a place the world needed to see. All lives matter. Break them down hard. Build them up strong. Change is real. Set your calendars for MARCH 27th on

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premieres TOMORROW night at 10 pm! Thank you to and for teaming up with us at to tell these inspiring stories of second chances.

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speaks from his heart about his passion project - A film that showcases the amazing ability an incarceration facility in Dade County has to change young men's lives. Click the link in our bio and make sure to tune in at 10 pm this MONDAY MARCH 27TH on

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"When things go wrong, you don’t throw them away, you don’t make excuses. You tape ’em up and you move on.” – Dwayne Johnson Docs

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Likely the only wave I'll ever get barreled in. 📸:

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In ONE WEEK helps deliver a transformative wake up call to a group of young men in the Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation program. airs Monday at 10 pm only on

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Anyone else stuck in dis ? Fuck!!.....

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Between two bowls

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Anyone else stuck in dis ? Fuck!!.....

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Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. ▪▪▪▪ - J.K. Rowling ◇◇◇◇ . . . .

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Some oyster names are geographical, some fantastical, some are pretty literal. Come get some One Dang Rock oysters from Dabob Bay this weekend for happy hour!

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I swear Shoeless Joe Jackson just walked in to the fog.

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