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Morning Work....

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Check out that first combo 😎😎😎Idk what it is but this song sets a fire under my butt. Totally have to stop and groove when I hear it.

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Зажигая Москву, согревая сердца 🔥 2017

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I'm ready to take on the world y'all! Healthy living, healthy mind, healthy soul, and healthy grind! Let's get it! girl life itgirl model motivation associates proud girl

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It's not ALWAYS about lifting weights in the gym. It's about being consistent. It's about moving, working out, walking or being active in some way. Health is something that you can work on in whichever way suits you, just as long as you're constantly trying and never giving up. Try something new, surprise yourself and have fun while you're doing it. Remember, you can always do more than what you think you can! _____________________________ ness spo nessaddict guy

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Eto ya слишком часто стала широко улыбаться на фотографиях. И зову вас на винный вечер в 27 июля. Начнётся все с по-летнему легкого апероля шприц, после которого захочется танцевать как герою черно-белых фильмов или оказаться на открытой террасе небольшого Средиземноморского городка и почувствовать тёплый морской воздух на коже, а продолжится итальянскими и португальскими винами, которые разговорят и развеселят. Всю информацию потихоньку выкладываю в профиль ресторана, так что подписывайтесь и приходите 🍷

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川でウェーディングして、犬と散歩して、run 凄く満喫してるな〜笑 って実感✨✨✨ 汗がとまらなーい💦

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В них невозможно ходить 🚀🔥

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LET'S WORK!💪🏾 ⚠️OPENINGS NOW AVAILABLE! ✖️1 on 1 Sessions _ ✖️Group Sessions _ ✖️Online Training Programs ___ 📞 (786)356-7017 📧 bodybymarifitness ________________________________________________ Fitness #5lbsIn5Days !

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В них невозможно ходить 🚀🔥

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Never Ever Ask Me For directions 4real

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Today's arc trainer!! I can't wait to get a new phone if anyone has an iPhone sitting around send it my way 😂😂!! Thursday workout leg day 🍑😝 motivation workout motivation journey others girl workout _underneath journey

23 1 Jul 20, 2017

Itssssssssss LEG DAY!!! And ohhhh boy did she feel it!! This was her entire workout out (only exercise not shown is walking lunges) I'm pretty sure she's gunna have a hard time sitting down tmw! 🤣🤣🤣 💪🏽🙌🏽🔥 your welcome! 🤗 * * * county challenge model beach

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More video edits with my ☺️💕 you can use my code "Nosleep" to save $ at checkout! This is one of the only smart hoops to be water and shock resistant! 👌🏽👌🏽

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Jumping to music not only helps with my rhythm, timing and coordination.... but I'm also increasing and decreasing my heart rate by jumping to the slow and fast beat of the same song. How awesome is that! Jump rope your way to great conditioning. 🎧MUSIC: Disclamer: i do not own the rights to the music in this video

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➖🚨HER FORM IS ON OLYMPUS!!!!🚨➖ YOU can tell by the SHOES I lost this joint 😂 she was in there and I was holding on for dear life 😅's all good ILL BE BACK 😎 📸: ==================================== model bible 1245

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Gain agility, speed, coordination and balance. Burn fat and achieve overall fitness by jumping rope. Learn the fundamental techniques of jumping rope to build a fun and fast workout routine for your entire body. With proper technique, jump rope is a dynamic, low-impact activity. _______________________________________ Jumping with _______________________________________ Be sure to register for this weeks class by clicking the link in the bio or going to DISCLAMER: i do not own the rights to the music in this video

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