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Okay so I have a really big chest (DD) and my whole life I've always been told to cover up, don't wear low cut shirts. I think I was 10 years old the first time my mom told me to change my shirt. I was in 7th grade the first time a teacher told my to button my shirt higher, and even now at almost 19 if I try to wear a shirt that isn't a fucking turtleneck or hoodie my (girl!!) friends say "ooh who you trying to impress? Nothing like showing a little cleavage and using your body to your advantage" And I just???? What??? Every time it happens I feel violated and ashamed and gross and it's awful. It's disgusting. Probably one of the reasons why every time I wear something other than jeans and a giant hoodie I have so much anxiety it makes me physically sick. (Personal: ) . . . . ity

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❤️We are both enormously proud of Reid. We can't wait to show him his half page picture (on page 3 of today's Herald Sun), throwing handfuls of lego in the air 🤹‍♂️Thanks to everyone at for being so lovely to Reid,he had such a blast doing this project 💁🏻‍♂️🏢 🙌

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So much for women getting off easily in the criminal justice system just being about "white privilege" eh? A woman has been spared jail after she admitted to raping her daughter's 13-year-old boyfriend. Elaine Goodman, 46, faced up to 15 years in prison but was sentenced to two years' probation. But while a judge at Kent County Superior Court in Delaware said her action was "an aberration", he did not think jailing her was the answer. Women across all age, race and socioeconomic groups get more lenient sentences than men do, for the same exact crimes. This is female privilege, pure and simple. Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/woman-rape-daughters-13-year-old-boyfriend-elaine-goodman-spare-jail-2-years-probation-kent-county-a7526186.html

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If you have to outright warp and bend the truth to prove your opinions, you might want to rethink what it is you're standing for... 🔹Follow me! - 🔺Tag a friend! . . . . n s first

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“Well, I an I come wid Earthquake, Lightnin’ an Tunda to break down dese barriers of oppression.” - Peter Tosh. Photo by Patrick Aventurier. What are you coming with to fight for justice?

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✖️ : I almost never do Coming-Out except my mom, my sister, my cousin and some friends. I don't like to talk about my transition for the first time, I'm afraid that people don't understand and tell me involuntarily hurtful things. I thought that started the T, will give me confidence in me, however this wasn't the case.. I realized that my transidentity were not at the root of all the social problems. My father is still not aware of my transition, yet I now have a male voice, a masculine face. At first I thought he was hiding his face, but when he talked to my sister about my beard, he thought that I had to burn it so that I didn't feel bad about it. One day, we went to the restaurant and when the waiters said "hello gentlemen," my father looked at me and said "but why don't you tell them, I'm a lady?" I understood that he was completely ignorant, finally how is it possible that he does not notice anything? For some time now he has said nothing when they say "Sir", maybe he understood? But I could never tell him about my transition, it's been more than a year, it would be ridiculous to inform him now. Anyway, I know that when I go home I'm "dead name" and not Marvin, I accept because I don't have the courage to tell the truth. _____________________ ✖️Edit: IsBeautiful Enough Pride Masculine Guy Man gender industry

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Yuuuuuupp. 🙄

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I've been called lazy due to having such an extreme anxiety attack I couldn't stand up the next day without feeling sick. I had to miss school and I got yelled at for it. - One of my best friends lives in a different country and they help me when I'm having these anxiety attacks. - When they can't help me, due to time zones, I can't deal with my emotions. Which then causes me to put myself through more pain. - Both my nana and mom are social workers. They work with kids like this all the time. My mom is a trained psychologist. She works at a school specific to kids with mental health issues. They understand how to tell the signs of every other kid, except their own. - Right now I have 70's in all my classes. Last semester I hardly passed due to my mental state. My mans refuses to acknowledge my mental state this semester and gets mad saying I need to do better. ~Pancake q qia qiapd pride

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Seriously, these chicas rock my world!! Love this 💕when things get tough at work it's always nice to turn to someone who knows what you're going through. Who's in your tribe? . . . life ing

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“Ten years ago, I married for love. A year after the wedding, my husband left me,” shares 33-year-old Sayohat Tashbekova, sitting in the workshop that she has set up in her parents’ home, where women from the village come together and learn to sew, knit, and make traditional Tajik patchwork and more. Looking at her smiling and happy, it is difficult to believe that just a year ago, she hardly left her house and suffered from severe depression. After being abandoned by her husband, a migrant worker, Tashbekova lost her home and belongings and had to move back into her parents’ home. She had no formal education, no job and no support. With the help of UN Women's project “Empowering Abandoned Families of Labour Migrants in Tajikistan" Sayohat set up a self-help group with other women to share their skills and knowledge. Now, the group sells a variety of products, including clothes, blankets, toys and traditional cushion covers to other villagers. They also take their products to nearby towns and sell to tourists. For Sayohat Tashbekova, the group represents more than economic opportunities. She also found emotional support and connected with other abandoned wives. Gone are her days of depression and loneliness. She is now vibrant, independent and has a new story to tell. Photo: UN Women/Aijamal Duishebaeva

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What an amazing night celebrating FMF's 30th year anniversary! I don't know how some of the most intelligent, dedicated people pursuing justice and equality for women wound up in one room, but they fuckin did!

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"Equality in Three Easy Steps" new on site. Ever wondered how to answer questions about equality between the sexes? The answer is simple; follow the link in bio to find out. ger sofinstagram

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