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Sharing the special moments from Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo & Werribee Open Range Zoo as we fight wildlife extinction 🐨🐯🦁
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Happy Penguin Awareness Day! We'd like to introduce you one incredibly resilient penguin. This little guy was found on a beach near St Kilda Pier in October last year missing a flipper after it had been bitten off. The AGL Marine Response Unit picked him up and brought him to Melbourne Zoo to be checked. While Little Penguins are known for being a little bit feisty, his mellow demeanor was well and truly on display and he was found to not only be alert but also calm and not overly distressed at the situation he found himself in. Vets performed surgery on him and after a stint of rehab he is absolutely thriving! For those wondering, only having one flipper does not mean he swims in circles. In fact, he has adapted his swimming style and uses his feet more than two-winged penguins would so he can steer himself, but is a great diver and very proficient under water too. He's not suitable to be released back to the wild but you can come and visit him at Melbourne Zoo where he's happily hanging out with his new Little Penguin friends. A very BIG thank you to the AGL Marine Response Unit's supporters: , and

1004 23 Jan 19, 2018

Tony the Koala and his friends in Koala Forest at Healesville Sanctuary are loving the sprinklers today! They come on automatically when the temperature rises above 26°C. We have spots for the kids to cool off at all three zoos with Creek Play open at Healesville Sanctuary, water play open at Melbourne Zoo's Carnivores' Trail and at Werribee Open Range Zoo's Hippo Beach when it's above 25°C. Don't forget that kids under 16 are free during the school holidays! Photo: /

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🔈Sound on! A very big happy 8th birthday to Mali! Mali was the first elephant born at Melbourne Zoo and has been particularly important and helping to spead the message about unsustainable palm oil production which is damaging the habitat for her wild cousins. Give Mali a birthday present and ask your Premier to step-in and make manadatory palm oil labelling finally happen!zoo.org.au/palmoil

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Two cheeky baboons pulling faces! We now have three baby baboons at Melbourne Zoo who are buckets of fun - we could watch them all day!

1002 39 Jan 13, 2018

🦏 taking time out from his prep to get up close to a Southern White Rhino at Werribee Open Range Zoo today. 🎾 These magnificent animals are under threat, mainly due to illegal poaching for their horn. However, a rhino's horn is made of keratin, which is what our fingernails are made out of and has no proven medicinal value at all. The only place for a rhino horn is attached to a rhino!

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Do you ❤️ bandicoots as much as we do?? All proceeds from your Zoo Twilights ticket help us save the very special and endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot from extinction. There are already 10 shows sold out but you can still see Cut Copy, The Preatures, Grizzly Bear and more! 🎵 Get tix ➡️ zootwilights.org.au

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🐨 We're just going to leave this here... Meet cheeky koala joey Koreen, aka the cutest thing climbing trees at Healesville Sanctuary at the moment! His name is Wurrundjeri for 'storm', chosen because he was born during a thunderstorm last year. Tag a friend who would squeal with delight at this video.

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Last night we were doing it for the seabirds. A very big thank you to the 11,000 people who blew bubbles at the MCG and created one unforgettable spectacle on a warm summer's night. While it wasn't our night to break a Guinness World Records™ title for 'Most number of people simultaneously blowing bubbles', we have no doubt that you all helped raise awareness of why we should be blowing bubbles, not balloons and together we can help save precious wildlife. Thank you to the army of 600 volunteer stewards who gave up their Saturday afternoon to help hand out bubbles and count people, as well as the Zoos Victoria, and teams who spent hundreds of hours planning, working out logistics and packing tens of thousands of bottles of bubbles. The weather was against us but we couldn't be more proud of the thousands of people who banded together to help spread the message that when balloons fly, seabirds die. We know some of you, our fantastic members and supporters, missed out on getting a bottle of bubbles to blow. With the ferocious heat engulfing Melbourne yesterday we had fewer people than we anticipated handing out bubbles and we would like to apologise for this. Keep blowing those bubbles and never give up on making a difference to wildlife! zoo.org.au/balloons

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📣 ATTENTION: Please note that Healesville Sanctuary will be closed on Saturday 6 January due to the hot weather predicted and the increased bushfire risk this brings to the Healesville region. The welfare of our animals and safety of our staff are our number one priority. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. We will reopen as normal on Sunday 7 January.

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This little cheeky koala joey has a name - Koreen! Big congrats to Louise Tegg for choosing his name 👏 Check out our Instagram Story to find out why this name was chosen.

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That moment when and Deborra-Lee Furness met super-famous wombat, Gem at Healesville Sanctuary today.

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Meet Giggles the Boobook Owl. Giggles was brought to Healesville Sanctuary’s Australian Wildlife Health Centre after being found on the side of the road unable to fly. Vets noticed that Giggles really had been in the wars and had not only a wing injury but an eye injury too. Giggles will be staying at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre for the next few months while he undergoes treatment and rehabilitation and once he is fit enough and well enough he will be released back into the wild.

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