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Goodbye malcolm. Thank you for the awesome music you made. You might have not been the face of the band but you were the indefinitely the brains and musical intuition behind the band. ✌ Rest in peace man. young nroll star androll ist malcom malcolmyoung androllhalloffame

21 1 Nov 18, 2017

Had a good day with this lovely girl. 💙 Found some good stuff at the flea market today. Feeling better than I have in a while. Mostly thanks to this girl. 😘 goals s girl

41 4 Aug 14, 2017

So gorgeous, and so mine. 😏😘💙 life girlfriend

51 2 Jun 23, 2017

Can pretty much apply this to any situation. People in general are ignorant, selfish, and stupid. And I detest most of them. But I do like some people. And they know who they are. ✌🖖 people

25 2 Jun 20, 2017
33 1 Jun 12, 2017
33 3 May 23, 2017

Rip Big Black. Thank you for the laughs. You were one funny guy. ✌ rip

35 0 May 10, 2017

Always a blast with her. 💙 Had a nice bike ride playing pokemon through the park. 😍😘💙 go ride

34 0 May 7, 2017