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“Show us the money” | Barra Grande, State of Piauí, Brazil 07-17.

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“MAC” or the day I met the wonderful

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Remembering that steaming morning shoot under Niterói bridge with

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"Diamante Negro" | Rio de Janeiro, 04-17.

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"The Swing" | Cidade Estrutural, 08-17.

1228 20 Sep 30, 2017

Some years ago, Tata was diagnosed with cancer. So she made a deal with God: in exchange for her healing she promised to devote the rest of her life to others. The deal worked out fine. Since that day Tata has been taking care of the waste pickers' children from Cidade Estrutural, Brazil largest landfill. In this picture: the kindergarten she built on the outskirts of Lixão da Estrutural.

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"Players" | Cidade Estrutural, Brasília 08-17.

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More pictures of Cidade Estrutural. April-August 2017. The formation of this satellite city originated in an invasion of waste pickers around "Lixão da Estrutural", the landfill of the Federal District in operation since the creation of Brasília. The current population is approximately of 40 thousand inhabitants.

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"Cidade Estrutural" | Brasília, 04-17.

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A young catador burning copper wires inside Lixão do Estrutural, Brasília 04-17.

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[ E s t r u t u r a l ] This is happening just 20 km from the center of power in Brazil. "Lixao da Estrutural" extends over an area of 200 hectares in the outskirts of Brasília, making it the largest landfill site of Latin America. The government initially announced the closure of the place for August 2014 and the transfer of all activities to a new site, cleaner, safer and more respectful of the environnent. Before this transition really takes place Estrutural will continue to run day and night in the heat and the fury.

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