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I kill zombies with splash attack because I'm made of magic. Just a big geek.
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So this is what my family and I did today! We met our new puppy! Meet Haven. He is currently 4 weeks old. We will be bringing him home in about 4 weeks. So excited!!!! Prepare for nonstop incoming puppy photos in the next month lol pinscher

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When you're cold, you where a kick ass hat indoors. junkie

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20 2 Dec 31, 2017

Let's all put in some positive energy into the new year! Maybe then we can all start seeing more light and beauty within one another, and most importantly within ourselves. savelives

18 2 Dec 30, 2017

My Mom creates a beautiful Christmas tree every year. Very special every year

28 0 Dec 25, 2017

Did pretty well this year. Surprised Minecraft wasn't up there instead of Mass Effect. Probably would be if they counted after 10/31 of this year. Hopefully I can up my gamerscore by 10,000 next year. I averaged that every year up until 60000, but then I started working a hell of a lot more. Here's to hopefully finding a job soon, but still enjoying my favorite hobby. girl live one

22 2 Dec 17, 2017

I knitted this little headband a little while ago. It keeps my ears nice and warm while I'm laying in bed. It's currently only 17°F outside. Thankfully much warmer inside lol, but still my ears and nose are always freezing.

19 5 Dec 15, 2017

Watching the live stream of pubg currently. Also I'm

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Snow day happenings

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