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Here’s my paper version of ‘&’ . Was able to take a few hours out from work for today’s See my story for some process. I tried combining 2 kinds of the symbol but the outcome looks more like the alphabet ‘S’ What do you think ?

3664 31 Dec 12, 2017

Adding colours. The monochrome is in my story.

3216 25 Dec 4, 2017

My artwork is featured today on It was created a month ago on my favourite subject of which is the most used hashtag of 2017 💗 Please go check it out. Here is the time lapse making of the artwork which was such a challenge to do ! 😄 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create this 🤗 Thank you ❤️

9354 238 Nov 29, 2017

A giant paper snowflake for ❄️

4739 72 Nov 20, 2017

Very pleased to finally share the designs I created for working with an amazing group of people at . It was kept a secret for the last 6 months until the holiday season begins ❄️ . My paper decorations are displayed in more than 200 of their stores across the USA. Take a look at my IG stories to see more.

3035 33 Nov 20, 2017

🌟Happy ‘D’iwali to everyone🌟 There’s a traditional oil lamp and fireworks in my letter 🎇🌠🎆 . . Diwali is a beautiful Indian Festival of Lights and the victory of good over evil. We celebrate by lighting up and decorating our homes, making traditional sweets and gifting friends and family. . . 2017

5191 64 Oct 20, 2017

Continuing with the series for White on white Sorry for so many close ups of my hand ! Still trying to get the video shooting angle right 😊

3923 68 Oct 12, 2017

Spending Saturday afternoon working on an illustration for

4412 77 Oct 7, 2017

'B'lue Tried to create simple 3D lettering. Not sure if I got the perspective right... .

1833 36 Sep 27, 2017

'R'ed Playing with layers and layers and layers of paper ...and different techniques....and adding a lot of Red to my day. . #36days_r

2761 34 Sep 26, 2017

Two talented lettering ladies and of interviewed me a few weeks ago for their podcast. I'm so in awe of the murals they do, plus they're adorable 😍!! . We talked about work and lot of other stuff so If you would like to know more about me, have a listen to the interview on the link in their profile. (It's a year late because they contacted me last year and I was too shy to say yes 😞) Thank you ladies for talking to me inspite of my delayed response ❤️ They interview fellow lettering artists on their podcast, so don't miss any of it ! . P.S. None of us were drinking during the chat but nevertheless I took the liberty to jumble up the 'Drunk' lettering in my artwork 🍹

4452 46 Sep 20, 2017

'T'ropical beach vibes 🌴🌊on a metallic pearl base

2811 22 Sep 18, 2017