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Photo by // by // Leslieville in Toronto has a reputation as one of the hippest places to dine, drink, shop and live—booming with trendy eateries, galleries, and nightlife.

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Photo: Two climbers play around in the last minutes of light below Lobuche earning their warm dinner that awaits at the tea house below. To see more of Nepal go to

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Photo by A female polar bear greets one of her cubs near the gorgeous Nordenskiöld Breem, Svalbard Norway. Please go to to check out another wonderful place, Chile’s Torres Del Paine N.P. Polar bear cubs drink their mother's milk and depend on her for survival for at least 20 months. Her hunting skill and success is critical for her own survival and for feeding and teaching her cubs to find food for themselves. According to scientists like Alison Ames, Polar bears may be just as smart as some apes. Their success at hunting seals in a dynamic arctic environment is one sign of their brain power. "This is learned behavior and reveals that polar bears are very intelligent animals. They are highly cognitive creatures that top the food chain in polar regions. You have to be very clever to do that. Hunting and trapping a seal is no easy matter." - Alison Ames Looking forward to returning to Svalbard this summer with ! bears travel

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Photo // Swipe to see the full image. Fjallsárlón is a glacial lake at the south end of the Icelandic glacier Vatnajökull and very close to the famous Jökulsarlon.  Fjallsárlón is much less known but just as spectacular, if not more so because its closer proximity to the volcano Öræfajökull, which at 6,920 ft is the highest mountain in Iceland. Follow me for more images like this from Iceland and around the world.

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📷: // Stormy light descends onto the Antarctic mountains surrounding Wilhelmina Bay. The current summer in Antarctica is an ever changing environment where even in mid December we are still able to stand on sea ice. When the precarious internet connection allows me, I will continue posting content from the Antarctic Peninsula.

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by // Did you catch the last supermoon? Where’s your favorite place see it? caught this one in Vedauwoo, WY a popular climbing destination in southeast Wyoming.

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Photo by // People floating in the Dead Sea, Earth's lowest point on land and a popular tourist stop. A salt lake bordering Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. The Dead Sea was seen as a remedy in ancient times, and it still holds healing powers today. King David is said to have visited here, as well as Queen Cleopatra. Named for the utter lack of animal and plant life on these shores, the Dead Sea rests some 1,400 feet below sea level, where the air contains 8 percent more oxygen than most of us breathe, contributing to a remarkable sense of elation and well-being. Traveling can be great for your body— if you let yourself float… Follow to know more about my next projects

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Photo by // The historical village of Sortelha at sunset in Portugal. I love exploring the small streets in Europe and this little village had many different viewpoints and exciting perspectives. Climbing onto the walls of the city also offered a fair bit of exposure to keep you sharp!

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Photo by After our “Point of No Return” story and I stayed in Myanmar to absorb the local color of Bagan. It’s certainly one of the most impressive destinations in terms of culture and light on the planet! See for more from Bagan. 🇲🇲

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Photo by // Sunrise at Deadvlei. Light and shadow. Form and color. A sliver of time recorded for eternity. Or eternity as we think we know it... What gets you out of bed in the morning? What inspires you? For me it's the opportunity to explore, to experience new places and people, to see extraordinary landscapes like this one. Travel can have a profound affect on you whether you are catching a flight to some far flung destination or simply visiting a nearby town or state. I think the world we inhabit is made a little better each time we get outside our comfort zone and expand our shared human experience. Where to next!?! // Follow for more imagery around the globe

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Video by and Experienced cheetah moms, like all good mothers, are both vigilant and tolerant. Watch how this mother puts up with the antics of her cubs until they wear themselves out and suckle and go to sleep. What you don’t see here is how this mother is constantly scanning the horizon for signs of trouble. The fate of cheetahs as a species depends on the ability of a small number of exceptional females to nurture cubs to independence and to keep them safe while doing so. We call them “supermoms.” And any mother who is juggling child care with earning a living and other responsibilities, can relate to that. We are posting this clip in recognition of NatGeo’s BigCat Week. Tune in to NG Channel’s cheetah film by Bob Poole tonight. Follow me for more stories from the wild world of cheetahs.

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Photo by // by // The city of Astana is a striking juxtaposition of ancient and modern. The crossroad of the celebrated Silk Road, Kazakhstan is one of the seven cities on a new Silk Road Odyssey by Hennessy. Inspired by the seven facets of the Hennessy X.O blend, the journey leads us to seven countries, seven cities, and seven local artists along the Silk Road. Please drink responsibly.

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