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📷: // The island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia is incredibly picturesque especially as you climb up to view points such as the Belvedere Lookout. When you’re on island time, what better way to see the island then to cycle around it.

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Video by Rockhopper penguins have got to be one of the toughest animals on the planet. After battling through the open ocean in search of food, this group of adults is returning to their colony on Sea Lion Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. In order to reach their hungry chicks at the top of the cliff they must first time their exit to perfection. Although the rocks and waves are potentially dangerous to the penguins, they are experts in using the power of the wave to eject them out the water and up the cliff. Even though I know they are built like little tanks and they have done this many times before, it’s still nerve-wracking to watch! Shot as part of a new online series for National Geographic. Follow for more wildlife videos and to find how I got the shot.

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Photo by // I shot an assignment on the Gulf of Mexico for the Nature Conservancy and wanted to show off a favorite place in my native Florida— the coral reefs of Dry Tortugas National Park. The park preserves seven islands situated 70 miles west of Key West where the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean meet. It’s a magical place where the reefs have been spared some of the destruction present elsewhere in the keys. On the west side of loggerhead key, the coral rises close to the surface with the iconic lighthouse casting a shadow over the shallows. I swam for two days over these reefs looking for the right angle for a split-level photo. When a meter-long barracuda appeared in my view finder, I kicked against the current and lifted my water housing into position with the dome port rising partially above the wavy surface to capture this frame. Please follow for more

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Photo: // The journey IS the destination. & climbing floating icebergs in the Greenland Sea. The boys stretching their legs after our little boat was completely stuck in the sea ice for a week. Any little summit was a huge victory at that point. ❄️❄️❄️. // Follow me to journey deeper into Greenlands magical fjords. 🏔🏔🏔

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Photo by // The coniferous rainforests of the Pacific Northwestern US are in my opinion some of the most understatedly beautiful environments in our country. Nowhere else in the US have I felt midst such a lush and riotous enclave of life in all its forms. Here my brother is dwarfed by massive trees cloaked in moss in the Ho Rainforest, Olympic National Park. Follow to see more from here and beyond.

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photo by // The Great Plain of Salt extends itself from the north end of the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia, to the border with Eritrea. Here arrive, from the Ethiopian plateau, caravans of dromedaries and mules to load the slabs salt. The plain of Salt finds itself 100 meters below the sea level. We are in an ancient arm of the Red Sea that earthquakes have isolated from the rest of the basin, transforming it into a sort of inland lake which evaporating has left nothing else but salt. The camels walk in perfect silence. They put one foot after the other and unrelentely continue further in the white space. They trample the salt. Their steps produce a noise similar to the crunch of dry leaves. They walk on the bottom of a vanished sea. Follow to know more about my next projects

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Photo by A rainbow adds a touch of softness to a blustery squall that whipped up the waves off South Georgia Island, but for the millions of seabirds that call this frigid island in the Antarctic home, strong winds are just fine, because they are expert gliders. This giant petrel is one of them, but it’s the legendary albatrosses that are truly masters of the wind. To see them up close follow me and

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Photo The Kayak is one of my favorite modes of transportation because it never seems to be about hurrying from place to place. The Kayak actually originated in Greenland and was used by hunters who trained on them from an early age. The very word ‘kayak’ comes from the Inuit language - Qajaq. To be in this environment traveling in a way they have for many years gave me an extra added connection to the landscape that you cannot get from traveling by boat or foot.

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Photo by The World at Night project The Full Moon rising in twilight above oceanfront in the North Shore of Boston. The moon is super large due to the use of long telephoto lens. It “feels” even larger in this image due to recognizable objects in the foreground, a couple of miles away from the camera. It’s red due to atmospheric refraction, more effective near the horizon. The next full moon is on March 1st. Enjoy the view! Follow me to explore our planet’s night wonders.

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Photo by The spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda is considered the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar. It is also the most famous landmark of Yangon. According to legend, the pagoda was built more than 2500 years ago. It dominates the city skyline with a 324 feet high golden spire set on top of a small hill.

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Photo / A pair of ’s affectionately intertwining their necks at Bolivia’s thermally active . The James flamingo is a year round resident of the Andean Plateau, weathering the harsh winter here which can reach temperatures of -30 Fahrenheit. The James flamingo was long thought to be extinct until a small flock was rediscovered in 1956. To see more from this beautiful part of the world please visit

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Photo by // Sunrise at Nankoweap. This is one of the more famous views deep within the Grand Canyon and was inhabited by the Ancestral Puebloans until the year 1200 when mysteriously they disappeared. There are 2 ways to reach this spot, by floating the Colorado river or an arduous hike from the North Rim. Watching the light dance through the canyon is incredible from any vista but it's especially beautiful from deep within these majestic walls. Follow for more epic landscapes from national parks and beyond.

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