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While standing with his father outside their tent in an informal tented settlement in Jordan, a Syrian refugee child.

9402 102 Jan 17, 2018

At a makeshift school in a slum in Pakistan, Afghan refugee children.

10946 93 Jan 16, 2018

Carrying laundry she washed in a stream, an Afghan refugee girl in Pakistan.

9895 50 Jan 15, 2018

A brick factory labor in Pakistan.

7896 40 Jan 14, 2018

By the doorway of her family’s tent, a Syrian refugee girl in an informal tented settlement in Jordan.

8109 31 Jan 13, 2018

Siblings, Afghan refugee children in a slum in Pakistan.

12136 132 Jan 12, 2018

An elderly Afghan refugee making his way along a muddy and slippery ground of a slum in Pakistan.

12956 154 Jan 11, 2018

Standing in an alley of a slum, An Afghan refugee child in Pakistan.

10679 149 Jan 10, 2018

14-month-old Syrian refugee Elan Darwish, sleeps inside his family's tent in a camp north of Greece.

8864 73 Jan 9, 2018

A makeshift school for internally displaced Pakistani children and Afghan refugee children, in a slum in Pakistan.

9867 91 Jan 8, 2018

Siblings love! Elder sister younger brother, Afghan refugee children in a slum in Pakistan.

10870 276 Jan 7, 2018

Hangs on a manually operated wheel, a Pakistani girl internally displaced by floods, in a slum in Pakistan.

9428 71 Jan 6, 2018