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surfing out of the tube after being towed into a massive wave at Peahi, aka JAWS, right at sunrise on the north shore of Maui. To get out to Peahi right at sunrise we got up at 4 AM, met at the harbor and then shuttled out to the wave, which was about 45 minutes from Kahului harbor. Luckily we got there just in time and this wave was one of my first sequences last Sunday during the massive swell.

1859 18 Jan 20, 2018

towing into a giant wave at Peahi, aka JAWS, this past Sunday. This image is wild because the wave here looks much more like a wall just before it started to break. Ultra-clean wave. For the first few hours it was quite difficult to catch any waves paddling in so Kai Lenny and a few others, like Makua here, towed into the biggest waves. d850

3629 42 Jan 17, 2018

Yesterday was epic in so many ways. It was my first day on a jet ski with giant waves at Peahi, a.k.a. JAWS, on the north shore of Maui. In the early morning fifty to sixty foot wave faces were rolling in on a regular basis. The waves were so big and were moving so fast that very few surfers could even catch them save for a few tow in surfers. put on a big wave clinic all day yesterday. I shot 5,331 images all told and it will be a while before I even get through all of them but until then here is one gem of a wave that rolled by right as the sun came up yesterday. What is hard to get across with this image is that a sizable house could fit into the curl of this wave. It was huge! And it rolled by our jet ski about 40-feet away. More to come. ing d850

5132 81 Jan 15, 2018

Packed up and heading to Hawaii tomorrow. The forecast is for some incredibly huge waves at Peahi, aka JAWS. Looking forward to hanging out with and this weekend! This image is of dropping in on a huge 55-foot wave. It was taken way back in December 2009 during the Eddie Aikau. The forecast is for wave faces bigger than this so it should be exciting. Fingers crossed the conditions are epic!

2572 23 Jan 12, 2018
2071 14 Jan 8, 2018

The view from the Torre atop the Serra da Estrela mountain range, which means the “Star mountain,” in central Portugal.

3279 48 Jan 4, 2018

Year in Review: I just posted my best images from 2017 on my blog. Check the link in my profile to check them out and hear some of the stories. 2017 has been one of the best years of my career in so many ways. Happy New Year to everyone! 2017 #2017 photography elb1200

4077 59 Dec 31, 2017

Blast from the past...this image was shot over ten or maybe even fifteen years ago on film. Nate rode this wall five times over an overhanging cave with serious exposure. I remember Ryon Reed said no way to riding this 100-foot near vertical wall. Nate dropped into a bowl above this wall ride to gain enough speed to arc up onto this sandstone wall just outside of Moab, Utah. There is only a two foot area for the descent where it is a smooth transition off the wall and into the basin —otherwise it would be a header over the bars at 90+ mph. This was shot on the fifth go, and the fifth roll of film, and around this time Nate was talking to himself “keep going, keep going,...” as he nearly stalled at the top of the arc. A few hours later he wanted to roll over a 100-foot dead vertical drop and I walked away not wanting to see it or add any pressure to the situation.

2852 33 Dec 29, 2017

Happy Holidays to everyone! and I went skiing a few days ago here in New Mexico. While it looks like there is a ton of snow in this image in reality it has been a pretty rough start to the winter snow wise. Luckily on this day we got three inches of fresh powder while we were skiing. Praying for more snow soon, not just for skiing but also for drinking water next spring.

1768 18 Dec 25, 2017

A foggy morning at Quinta do Vesuvio in the Douro Valley of Portugal. This vineyard is one of the most prestigious in the Douro region. While on the road trip a few weeks ago we got to stay down below in the historic mansion. We got up early enough to drive up to the top of the steep vineyard to get these shots. I was standing right next to when I shot this - in all honesty his image from a DJI Mavic drone is better than mine. So fun to hang out with fellow pro photographers and talk shop.

4092 31 Dec 23, 2017

I am super stoked to share with you the Adventure School. It is a free online educational resource created by Elinchrom and Mac Group. Right now it has extensive behind the scenes videos from two of my shoots this year - one in Rifle Mountain Park with and and the other from the Lighting the Spirit shoot with - click on the link in my bio to check it out. Note that you will have to register with an email address to see the content. It also has an incredible interview with on the "Evolution of Adventure Sports Photography", which is worth signing on for all by itself! My thanks to Mac Group (the US distributor for Elinchrom) and for creating this space to inspire and educate! venturephotography venturesports adventureschool ventureschool

694 13 Dec 18, 2017

Dropping in on a windy and willy Pipeline wave on the north shore of Oahu. I don't know who the surfer is here but the waves were huge this day and also quite random, with winds causing a whole lot of wipeouts. ing

2803 26 Dec 14, 2017