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Model for 5 decades💃 IMG Worldwide. COVERGIRL!!! Dietitian. 2 MS degrees🥕#sciencenerd 🤓#justgettingstarted
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We had so much fun on our photoshoot. 💃💃💃💃

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Thank you for a wonderful evening💃💃

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Heading out to presentation wearing you know who😉💃 70

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Copying Martha Graham’s 1930 video of her performance Lamentation for this editorial. "The passionate expression of grief or sorrow.” Thank you to the creative photographer who believed I could do this and stylist who made this rubber tube, which was really hard to stretch🤨

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The only time I impressed my grandsons, was as an agent in a James Bond video game😏 Playing different characters is fun😁

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I have been asked many times about my appearance in the video “Haunted”, as a ghost. Well, my dress was from the Paris couturier runway shows and the necklace was very heavy and spiky. The boots were 12” high; two men had to prop me up on them. I could only move my arms. The train was 50’ long and a man had to walk around with me to hold it. A lot goes into these music videos. Wardrobe was by uber stylist and the director was her husband Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. At that time, around 65, I didn’t realize I was 💪💃

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A long, long time ago, when I was very, very young, around 60, photographer took this photo. It was soon after I stopped coloring my hair and had cut it short. I was told I would never model again, but instead I was 💃😍

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My look when I can’t decide what to wear🤣🤣 This is from my first shoot with We connected over and both took a chance at working together. My stylist said I should pack this blouse and necklace. How do you like the end result? Soon we’ll be able to show you cover, and that’s why my best hashtag is...

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My back-to-work look. I turn up at photoshoots with clean hair, clean face, jeans, shirt and sneakers😜

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