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Dropping it low with my gurls🔥

446 17 Feb 24, 2018

This was major VIBEZ!! Still shaking and i’m still feeling HYPE🙏🏾 Thank you so much for letting me walk in this show once again❤️ for believing in me. Makeup by mother and Hair by Thank you all so much😁 2018

417 21 Feb 22, 2018

Thank you once again so much! Love this look and the feeling on the runway was so nice! Bosslady 2.0 what’s good?! 🙏🏾❤️

340 8 Feb 22, 2018

Words can’t describe how i’m feeling right now😁🙏🏾 Walking for yesterday, amazing look, wonderful team and everything was FIRE AF! So greatful and thankful for this opportunity ❤️ 2018

509 38 Feb 22, 2018


422 9 Feb 20, 2018

Looking back.. Can we do this again 🙏🏾

228 9 Feb 19, 2018

6 months ago i decided to cut my hair and start all over. No relaxer, no hot tools. Just to let my hair breath and grow healthy! Couldn’t be happier 😁🙏🏾 Thanks to family, friends and my sweetest for givning me the confidence❤️

438 41 Feb 15, 2018

Me without all the glam and glits✨

342 14 Feb 14, 2018

Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this show! ❤️ This moment was incredible. Styled by Makeup by Hair by Casting by Thank you all 2018

438 11 Feb 13, 2018

Thank you so much for having me in your show Such a dream✨😍 2018

399 10 Feb 12, 2018

Me almost everyday 😄

210 10 Feb 12, 2018

Another one! so happy and thankful to be apart of this show once again. Started my first season with this show and now i got the chance to walk in the show for the second time i can’t really thank you all enough❤️🙏🏾 Styled by Makeup by Hair by Casting by 2018

526 18 Feb 11, 2018