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When I look at this photo all I can think about is how cold we were - but when I think of the trip as a whole all I can remember is how much fun we had and how beautiful the journey was.... well after the clouds finally lifted and we were able to see more than 2 meters in any one direction.

248 2 Jan 20, 2018

Curious creatures in a curious land..... lonesome guanaco in learn more about the park by following & TC's co-founder and CEO

483 4 Jan 18, 2018

works to keep our air clean, our rivers healthy, and our landscapes protected! I was honored to direct this short piece, work with co-produced + edited & with producer of - The piece highlights the places that # WRA works tiredly to protect - The footage was all donated by some of the industries best who all believe in WRA's work - big thanks to: yep it takes a village!

198 15 Jan 18, 2018

The arc of life is steep and consistent - try hard! Climber giving it his all on one of his all time classic FFA

463 11 Jan 17, 2018

Art by "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice" Martin Luther King, Jr

165 2 Jan 16, 2018

When I was younger I climbed nearly full time - giving everything I had to the sport.... now life offers other challenges and rewards - but I sure miss climbing 250+ days a year - looking thru my archives I stumbled onto this pic of finishing up one of Red Rock's all time classic lines, "The Original Route" on the beautiful Rainbow Wall.... man it makes me long for time on the rock and the lessons it brings.

439 6 Jan 15, 2018

is man of passion & influence, he works his ass off using fly fishing as conduit for social and environmental change. I was honored to work with him and others to create a short film, "A Wild Owyhee" which was a collaboration between & - along with - it's was awesome to see the film on the big screen at this weekend - all photos were taken by my filmmaking partners - & - to learn more about the importance of the Owyhee go to - - to see the film (s) go to the sponsor's video channels.

608 6 Jan 15, 2018

Multiple month expeditions are hard they require planning, passions, gear, persistence, time and of course gear - but more than they require friendships and trust. I am so thankful for both of these important elements from the team - this weekend we celebrate + educated at the as we bring a short film to life and to the public on the big screen - it's PSA style piece and not the final film - yet like those two important ingredients of an expedition it's a crucial part of the whole. Please take the time to follow the link in my profile ☝🏼 & let the Bureau of Land Management know how you feel about a proposed 225 mile new road thru the Brooks Range for an open copper pit mine. thank you - for the love support and most of all the trust to get us this far!

546 4 Jan 13, 2018

This week I learned that a mentor and friend passed after complications from a brain tumor. "Running" was someone who loved people and had a certain unique style, you can tell its a Running shot from the first glance - the way he used light, contrast and the extreme connections he had with his subjects is clear as the glow in their eyes. He had a love of the cowboy lifestyle and I am posting this pic of my dear friend to honor Running's love of capturing the unique beauty in the world. Rest well old friend I look forward to continuing to study your archives and carry on the tradition of walking somewhat aimlessly, yet with intention in the downtown streets of Flagstaff. With love and respect Rest In Peace old friend, you will be missed.

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"Look closely you will see a dinosaur down there.... " this is what Willa - granddaughter said when we saw this viewpoint at sundown in - you know Willa is right, this place is unworldly & will now remain an intact ecosystem as a new national park in Chile - allowing us all to find our inner childhood dreams.

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Organic produce grown here in -harvested &served to the guest and employees the same day.... simple, beautiful and appreciated. If you want to learn more about organic farming you can volunteer here for 30 or 60 days program. Go to to apply - link in my profile 👆🏼

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Feliz Año -Happy New Year! Here's to spending more time out in the wilds and to working on protecting these important places for generations to come. This pic was taken in which is a private park as part of the land conservation project. Soon this park will be donated to the state and along with Jeinimeni National Reserve + the Tamango Reserve, these combined lands will become the future Patagonia National Park in Chile, which will be nearly the size of Yosemite.

658 14 Jan 1, 2018