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・・・ What exactly is it that you don’t want kids to see? It’s time. Go vegan.

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My ciuccius !!! 📸

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・・・ Please WELCOME LITTLE BABY JUNIPER to the family 💗💗💗 she is still very weak but not only is she standing - she is now walking!!! This tiny angel was born unexpectedly yesterday. She only weighs 3.5lbs (1.6kg) she is the smallest baby I think I have ever seen. Just before she was born we let Coco and the other sheep out of the barn. Next thing I know Coco is going into labor on the forest floor outside the window! Everything happened pretty quickly after that as we rushed mama into one of the stalls and made a dash for our emergency birthing kit. When little Juniper was born she was completely lifeless and I thought she was dead. Then we saw a tiny movement. Coco wasn’t standing up at this point or making any attempt to break the sack so I had to intervene. When I got the sack off her face we had to use an aspirator to suck out all the birthing fluid she had inhaled during delivery from her mouth and nose to get her breathing. She was so weak and couldn’t even stand up. Mama started licking her and getting her dry while we administered emergency treatment to stop her from crashing. It was hours before she stood up for the first time and in the beginning she just wobbled straight back over. She wasn’t strong enough to stand but she was hungry so we have been helping her feed by holding her to the nipple and letting her drink straight from mama and also giving her the bottle as it’s absolutely essential that babies get enough colostrum during the first 24 hours of life. Now she’s standing on she own and even following mama around the barn. She might be small but she has a BIG desire to live. And we’re going to do everything we can to help her. Coco is so in love with her and talks to her constantly - comforting and reassuring her. She has been the most incredible mama. Seeing her little one struggling has been very stressful but she has stayed with her, encouraging her to stand, drink and keeping her clean every minute of the way. How beautiful is this little family? I wish all animals could experience this kind of peace and love with their children. This is the way it should be 🙏🏽

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🅃🄷🄴 🄼🄰🅂🄺 , Los Angeles -January 2018

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!!!!New Editorial with the BEAUTY in STYLED BY for the new of MAKEUP 💄 BY AND hair BY SET DESIGN and Props BY POSTPRODUCTION PRODUCTION THX 🌟 thx casting ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Mia Bella Milano! ❤️

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You are always Inspiring Mr. ! Thanks for keeping Fashion Alive in these days of insecurity,bad Taste and wannaBe Fashion designer! ❤️🙏🏼⭐️

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New Stickers Starring as the Gangster

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Man’s best Friend!!! As seen in my new Editorial in and his Best friend BATMAN in styled by fo thx to let us know what is happening everyday in this world!

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Man’s best friend!!! As seen in my new Editorial in in styled by fo thx to let us know what is happening everyday in this world!

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