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Even when surrounded by all the beauty in the world there are moments while traveling that can feel incredibly lonely. Mostly when I know I have loved ones at home I had to leave behind. I sat down this week & talked about how I cope with these experiences & others while working on the road for long stretches of time with my friend Rachel as apart of her Podcast series. For anyone who wants to learn more about balancing travel, family, work & some thoughts on conservation... check it out. . Link in Bio or here:

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Many hands make light work. I’m fascinated by cultures where this proverb can come to life. Hard work is humbling and the need to support one another through it tends to transcend race, religion, sex and many of the other barriers we create in every day life.

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Moving under the pressure of a breaking wave can be addicting. There is even an acoustic sound created can change depending on the ocean floors surface. Shot years ago in Tahiti w/

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For a moment I thought the Mountain was surfing a cloud.

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If there is something I have learned about exploration it is that often the greatest journeys you ever take will be the internal ones. Deep inside yourself. In the end its not about the photos you took, waves you rode or the mountains you climbed... its about how the experience changed you & forged into somewhat of a better or different person. That process takes introspection, sometimes a lot of it. This is the time of year where I start to fill up notebooks & emails threads with potential expedition locations. Sometimes there is such little information that the planning process feels like I’m trying to decipher a hidden language. From tiny Russian Islands in the middle of nowhere to the ultra remote tip of South America & many desert landscapes in between, my list of places I want to explore has grown exponentially. I know I will never get to them all.. but one can always dream. I wonder what has been on your must explore list? • My next expedition will hopefully be this upcoming spring alongside my friends at , a brand rooted in exploration for over 100 years.

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I’m now convinced that birds truly have the best view of anyone.

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I’ve found that often right before the Ocean humbles you (in this case it was a waterhousing to the face & a wrestle with the reef) it typically shows you a beautiful perspective. It’s one of those rare places where things can be incredibly peaceful and almost hypnotic one second then total chaos the next. In India.

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A visual summary of a few of my favorite things.

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A few weeks ago I was asked to come and take part in an ongoing project called . We arrived over the weekend at the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona & at first I didn’t really know how I could help with the complicated issue of Native American food sovereignty. An issue that Gather Film has begun to tackle. But our goal was simple... share our knowledge of digital storytelling & photography to help empower native youth to tell their own stories. Our day centered around using cameras, iPads and mostly our voices to help share the importance of Native cooking with native ingredients. We watched as chef made dish after dish (with the help of the kids) and taught us all how simple & healthy native cooking can be when you source your own food & try to grow as much as you can. His goal was to help liberate them from prepackaged & mass manufactured food that is not apart of their native diet ( or anyone’s for that matter) As always I left learning more from them than they did from me. It was a day I will never forget... the idea that growing your own food & knowing your traditions can truly empower us as a people is something I will never take for granted. • Thanks for the invite. To follow more of this ever developing story please check out these feeds

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A quiet Sunday morning in Greenland.

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As a kid my Grandpa played a huge role in my life. During my early years without a dad his influence & mostly his Time was critical in fostering my love for the outdoors. I vividly remember my first road trip with him starting in the Sierra. One of my goals this year was to finally buckle down & build a van so I could share those same joys with my kids. Something brand new was out of my price range so I opted for a used Sprinter van. Something with tons of character and well over 100K miles. I made a short film about my relationship with the road, my van build and the importance of these experiences for the younger generation. • For the full length check my bio link for ‘The Road to Inspiration’. Or . Filmed by For a short list of products we used in the build.

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The Dolomiti landscape provides a pretty decent argument that these Italian dairy cows may be the happiest on earth.

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