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👇Burton Blog: The Dirty Reality of the Textile Industry and Why Bluesign is So Important
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Our CEO, , has been working hard to provide more professional opportunities and create better products for the women's market, and as a result, she's helping to lead the entire outdoor industry forward. Under her leadership, Burton has taken steps like creating a mentorship program, expanding maternity and paternity leave benefits, and more, and we've seen the number of women in leadership positions grow from 10 percent to 40 percent as a result. - "When you make a workplace better for women, you’re making it better for everybody," she says. - Donna and other outdoor industry leaders shared some positive changes for women they've made at their companies as part of a initiative. Read more at the link in our bio.

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The textile industry is one of the largest, dirtiest industries on the planet. 👕 Materials often come from unknown origins, toxic chemicals are frequently used, factories violate human rights laws, and brands avoid accountability for the damage done on their path to profit. It’s not just the environment in harm’s way, the same toxic chemicals that hurt our playground also hurt us.☠️ - Given the magnitude of the problem, unprecedented commitment and collaboration are required to fix it. ✅ We’ve been talking about our goal of reaching 100% bluesign®-approved product across softgoods by 2020, but how exactly does that make a difference? - Simply put, bluesign® is doing the absolute best work out there to manage this complicated mess, and our partnership with them has helped us dramatically transform our softgoods products and supply chain over the past few years.🌎 Read more about it through the link in our bio.

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Get ready, California! The , North America’s premier contest for up-and-coming riders, is heading to Saturday, January 27. Compete for $20,000 in cash prizes and an invite to the tour finals while sessioning a crispy setup. FREE to enter with 15 & Under and Open divisions. More info at BurtonQualifiers.com, just tap the link in our bio.

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Shots from the Grand Prix at History = made.

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This crew. Let’s roll. 🇺🇸

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Now playing: : Rope Tow. In which, and take approximately 23408 runs just like this, each better than the last. But how can it get any better, you ask? You'll have to watch using the link in our bio.

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If you're gonna go full out rope tow tour, you gotta go to the Midwest. So we followed and to all the stops: , , , , , and roped it all into the next edit. You tow-tally don't want to miss it. Watch using the link in our bio.

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We recently teamed up with Mammoth Elementary School to teach the program to a group who has never snowboarded before. These same kids who started indoors will get on snow this weekend at , and we’ll follow their progression. The next generation starts here.

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There’s still time to get your hands on the Deep Thinker and Free Thinker featuring ’s Alfred E. Neuman and Spy vs Spy graphics. Available while supplies last at your local Burton Flagship Store or through the link in our bio.

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If you're like most people, you know that keeps you dry and warm and that's about it. But how does it work? Well, went behind-the-scenes at Gore HQ on our development process and agreed to test some of our new stuff. And of course he ended up in the rain room. Read more at the link in our bio. 📷:

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credits yoga with why he's still snowboarding, so when he came to visit us at Burton HQ, he shared his morning sun salutation routine with us. "You don't need to grow a beard or go to India," he said. "All you need to do is breathe and feel." Swipe through to see more from our yoga class with Terje.

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When you see bluesign® approval on a product, it means that no harmful chemicals were used to make it, ensuring it's safe for people and for our planet. We've got an ever-growing collection of bluesign jackets & outerwear you can feel good about. Link in bio.

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