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During my September photo tour Iceland we had long-lasting rainbows everyday, a refreshing scene while sitting in the bus driving through rain. Rainbow by day, clear skies and aurora by night! Join me on the next northern lights photo workshop around Iceland in Sep 2018. This time we also cross the country’s highlands using a special off-road bus. (or click my profile link) creative travel

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A starry night on top of an Hawaiian volcano. Orion, the Hunter, rises above Haleakala Crater and cumulus clouds, photographed from near the volcano’s summit at about 3000m high (10,000 ft). Note the bright stars Betelgeuse (orange) and Rigel. travel creative

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Swipe left for the slide show. This February I’m traveling to Iran for (TWAN or The World at Night) workshop on night sky photography (Feb 21-23). See for registration, and for more images. We started TWAN workshops & exhibits 10 years ago, organized in ~ 30 countries. In Iran the event successfully continued on a regular basis, now every 2 years, bringing my colleague TWAN lecturers from around the world. This year includes from China and Stephane Guisard (European Southern Observatory ), and Iranian photographers (the chair), and The workshop is open to those with some experience in night photography. Half of the talks are in English and half in Persian. The organizers tend to shift this to an international event welcoming participants from other countries. twan

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Swipe left to see the entire panorama. The New Moon shines in a clear evening above Boston skyline and the Atlantic Ocean. creative

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The Borderless Sky, a documentary project we did with German production for Arte TV which aired in September in France & Germany. It will be broadcasted in North America as well, probably this year. The 5-episode series (and single theatrical release) follows the work of me and 4 other colleagues (The World at Night project), traveling in 5 different continents. The work is presented in film festivals and not available online yet. creative travel

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Swipe left to see the video. Mike Simmons is with me today in Boston. One of the well-known faces of astronomy who helped spreading interest to the night sky and amateur astronomy in many developing countries and connecting communities by creating a non-profit organization called Astronomers Without Borders ( in 2006. Photographed here is during a star party we attended in Alqueva Dark Sky in Portugal a few years ago.

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Announcing an interesting workshop for those of you who are in or near California or visit there in August. See or click my profile link. The California Nightscapes 2018 is a combination of night photography under truly dark skies of Mammoth Lakes area and watching one of the best sky shows: the Perseid Meteor Shower (up to 100 meters/hour). Join me & on Aug 10-13. The area is ~ 5hr drive from both Los Angeles and Las Vegas and slightly more from San Fransisco. Photographed here is one of our locations, the Mono Lake, during last year California Nightscapes workshop. creative travel

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Crescent moon sets behind a cumulus cloud, photographed from the 10,000 ft high peak of Haleakala volcano on Maui, Hawaii. Swipe left to see a closer view of the scene. creative travel

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One of the values that led me to create The World at Night project ( about 10 years ago is universality of the night sky, above all various symbols of our cultures and beliefs. It brings us together as a single family of humanity under one roof. Here the northern stars in the Dippers (Ursa Major & Ursa Minor) with Polaris on the left edge appear above the wooden architecture of a 13th century temple in Nepal. creative travel

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Swipe left to see the entire image. A winter night comes to an end in blue twilight. To me Mt Damavand in Iran is a symbol of endurance, for a nation which tolerated long “winters” in her remarkable history. Only 70 km from Tehran, the dormant volcano is in the Alborz Mountains, reaching about 18500 ft (over 5600 m), making it the highest peak in the Middle East, the highest volcano in Asia, and on the list of Volcanic Seven Summits. Damavand is also an important place in the Persian mythology. ian creative

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No winter lasts forever … creative travel

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On this crystal clear night in the last fall the Double Arch in Utah was facing against an ocean of stars. I was exploring the park on an imaging project with my colleague When you are under one of these you can truly appreciate the force of nature. The larger opening has a span of 45m (148ft) and a height of 32m (104ft), a 10-story building! The darkness of a moonless night at Arches surprises many visitors, despite close distance to the town of Moab. creative travel

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