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visual archive of inhuman flesh aka the ogbanje embodiment paradox aka the absent + hyperpresent body
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🗣 FEBRUARY VOGUE IS OUT 🗣 check out the two page spread of photographed by (page 126) 💪🏿✨🌊

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wrote possibly the most personal work since my book over at it’s about being nonbinary trans + ogbanje + related surgeries. link in bio, do read + share 🙏🏿💞✨ * * “However, being trans means being any gender different from the one assigned to you at birth. Whether ogbanje are a gender themselves or without gender didn’t really matter, it still counts as a distinct category, so maybe my transition wasn’t located within human categories at all. Instead, the surgeries were a bridge across realities, a movement from being assigned female to assigning myself as ogbanje; a spirit customizing its vessel to reflect its nature.” (📸: )

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wash day chair dancing 🧖🏾‍♀️ four years + five months of growing out poofy 🙌🏿✨ bits of my routine: i deep condition every time i wash my hair (trader joe’s teatree conditioner, stimes w/honey + olive oil), dry it in a t-shirt, wash + detangle with cleansing cream (this cut my detangling time by like 1.5 hours!), sleep on a piece of satin draped over my pillow, etc etc 🎶 song is ‘mugwanti’ by dj mujava 🎶

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this shoot was one of the highlights of 2017 i couldn’t mention earlier, so i didn’t even bother with a proper recap when the year ended 😂 annie was incredibly sweet + supportive around our work + we had a wonderful time with everyone who worked the shoot with us. big ups to + + for the styling + hair + makeup 🙌🏿✨🔥 can’t wait to go pick up the print magazine!

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akwaeke + yagazie emezi for vogue US, photographed by annie leibovitz | tfw an editor loving your debut novel gets you profiled in w/photographer sis ! 🙌🏿🎉 (shoutout to the lovely ✨) like, guiz. my first book isn’t even out + i’ve been photographed by annie leibovitz! do you know how this has discombobulated all my life goals?!? i’m stressed! i’m self-tensioned! my shoulders are raised! from ekenna avenue to the pages of vogue—naija no dey carry last! 🔥🇳🇬 cop the february issue of vogue to see us in it + the piece is online as well 😘 🌊

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the official 🌊 book launch event is up! february 20, 7:30PM, in fort greene at 🎉🙌🏾🥂 i'll be in conversation w/the amazing chinelo okparanta + i truly can't wait to see your lovely faces 💞 also, i finally got the finished book in hardcover, it’s delightful, and people who preordered the book started receiving their copies this week, a whole month early! thank you to everyone who’s tagged me in their posts + pictures, it’s so lovely to see you all with the work at last🔥🎉🌊 (cover, icymi, by the fabulous 💐)

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so, yesterday i made the mistake of not watching out for the sunset mood swing + let’s just say i had a terrible evening slipping into madness, exacerbated by how stressed i am about...literally everything. so, my dear bunnies, here is your reminder to do whatever you need to for your mind’s wellbeing during this season. in my case, it’s putting on clothes that aren’t pyjamas, some lipstick, and dancing in the mirror to ‘s newest mix (link in her bio) which is straight 🔥🔥🔥

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my essay ‘on love & associated leavings’ is out in from ! in which i blame myself for the dissolution of my marriage way more than i should’ve lmao ✨🙌🏿💞 a massive thank you to for including me in this wonderful collection 🎉 it’s got work by other dope writers such as + the lovebear , go get a copy! 📚💅🏾

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things to do on a snow day: reschedule audiobook pickups b/c god forbid i go outside in this weather, get to come over + snap me for some work tingz, bribe him with pancakes 🥞, try to get through the shoot without cracking up, fail multiple times 😂✨💞📸

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random selection of images + videos aside, i’m a bundle of feels today 😩 this year broke me open, which hurt more than i ever imagined possible. i moved like seven times, i was so sad + scared + angry with bursts of the largest joy ever interspersed. i came closer to dying than i ever have since my suicide attempt in 2011, lost parts of my self i always thought were intrinsic to who i was, got ripped out of my old life into one so new that it’s still forming. i have never been ridden by fear the way i was this year. i could see dreams i’d had morphing into reality + their presence came w/challenges i honestly didn’t think i’d survive. but somehow i’m here. skinstripped + raw, with a sudden surge of grace like calm on this last day. hard as it all was, i would do it again in a heartbeat. i am overwhelmed by the gifts this year brought me, larger + beyond the horizon of anything i imagined. i will hold onto them with all my hands. to everyone who also had their old lives ripped away this year, i see you. our new worlds are still forming. we get to choose what they look like. i know it hurts. i know it’s hard. but you survived this year + you can keep going. seize the life you want + drag it home by its bloody throat. we got this ✊🏿💞✨

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desperately missing when i had the sense to be in the tropics last winter. came to the beach in LA because it was eighty degrees yday when i landed but it’s still way too cold—definitely not doing this temperate nonsense next year. but grumbling aside, i’m trying to take a minute to breathe + reset. too many beast things coming up in the next few months to be off balance or ill prepared. we move. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

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