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The official Instagram of #COSMOS: Possible Worlds. Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Returns Spring 2019.
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is back for an all-new season in Spring 2019! Neil deGrasse Tyson returns to host and COSMOS: Possible Worlds.

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From Seth MacFarlane, blast off with - a new space adventure series arriving this fall on FOX.

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"The revelation of this immensity...was like falling in love." - Giordano Bruno. Do you recall the revelation?

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In whose top secret laboratory did we learn about light prisms? A. Michael Faraday B. Joseph Fraunhofer C. Dexter

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This is the model sheet for William Herschel's animation. Do you recall who the guest voice was? For more photos:

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if you remember the discovery John Herschel made about the stars' light that we see in the sky!

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“Space is so vast that it would take billions of years for a rock ejected from the earth to collide with a planet circling another star.”

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13.8 billion years have lead up to this. has been nominated for TWELVE Emmy® awards!

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In the month since the finale, radio waves from its broadcast traveled about half a trillion miles in space.

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"Tyson proves a charismatic host..." -

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“Pretending to know everything closes the door to finding out what’s really there.”

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You'd need to plant 66.5 maple trees to offset a carbon footprint of 1000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

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