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A serious bird with a playful look, Northern Hawk Owls live year round in . Able to spot prey a half mile away, this skilled hunter can also seize small animals hiding under a foot of snow. This one at National is keeping his eyes on you. Photo by Lisa Hupp, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ( ).

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Father and son 😊👌💪 👥Tag you friend who loves animals ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 👉 follow us for more ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ . . . . . s s

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~Owl illumination~ See beyond the sight of eyes and take possession of the visions from within.... For inquiries, please email: AlexisVaateteArt tattoo ist artist s life energy artistmagazine ed magazine ed sav oftheday

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Before the neck tattoo 🦉

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What am I doing here? Nothing, NOTHING! 😂 | Snapshot by Barn_McStever

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Juvenile snowy owl in flight.

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Ever get that feeling that something is staring at you? At Saguaro, it might be a great horned owl. 🌵🦉 (NP, 📸:NPerkins)

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If you're after a gift for a nature lover or a bird watcher, The Secret Life of the Owl is a lovely book. . As John Lewis-Stempel writes, there's something about owls - they feature in every major culture from the Stone Age onwards. They're creatures of the night, and thus of magic. They can be interpreted as birds of ill-tidings, birds filled with wisdom or the most loyal avian friends, like Harry Potter's Hedwig. No other species has so captivated us. . In his new book, John Lewis-Stempel explores the legends and history of the owl, celebrating this magnificent creature, whose natural powers as as fantastic as any myth.

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Nel 1/2.... Le nostre avventure non sono ancora terminate

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Окончание #2017 обещает быть замечательным. Всем хорошего завершения рабочего дня😉😚😍 ly

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✍'Knowledge is knowing a tomato🍅 is a fruit; Wisdom👨‍🏫 is not putting it in a Fruit Salad'🥗 • Fun food Idea🍲 • • yfood ytummy 🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇🍉🍓🍑🍈🍌🍐🍍 yyummyinmytummy

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Paper cut owl. Free hand cutting without any drawing. PLEASE SHARE AND FOLLOW 50gsm paper. Finally after 8 months. Its complete 😁😁😃😃😃. It is very delicate. cutting art cutting art cut tuff ist s s s life

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Happy holidays 🌲🎄🌲 ! Send these Christmas cards to your closest friends and family, they are delicious. Printed on the best paper, stamped with golden ink,... I'll be trying to get some sleep in the meantime, who is having this horrible cough too? Barely sleep at night. This Sunday at the Christmas market of Twijnstraat ;-) movement cards

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Nosuri Sempai !

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Owl cafe🦉🦅🖤 Sooooo cute😍 cafe カフェ stagram

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Advent door 14 ~ a bag of droll stuff, also just the thing for me and my cat OC Kiliya. We fall especially for that tricolour bell pendant xD But the luckycharm and the owls are lovely too *-* boy boy ist

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Αγία τριάδα εν δράση ξανά 🤟🤟💦🔞 clothes club

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Had fun printing my plexy glass piece last night. Which one do you guys like the best? While the class is 6 hours long, it still wasn't enough time to experiment with all the different colors I wanted to use.

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Another picture where you can see Albino Accord dress by American indie-brand Elegy.

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My dear love draw an owl for me in his stream 😘 and then he made it undead for me 🦉

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Eagle owl in bronze 92x63x43cm

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Prvý už stojí🤣🌲❄ time

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Po želji 🎁

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JAMPOK a.k.a Burung Hantu. Cukup populer di Aceh. Mereka bukan fauna khas, namun cukup mudah menemukannya 😂. Sebab Jampok adalah panggilan untuk orang-orang yang suka MEMUJI DIRI sendiri. Kok bisa? Kisahnya dimulai dari zaman Nabi Sulaiman. Let me tell you with a hikayat Aceh, "Hikayat Aneuk Jampok" Nibak Siuroe Nabi Jak Meu en, Ka dengon angen jak keulileng donya. Sulaiman neuheuy sigala ciceem, Toeh siri kateem lon bouh keu raja. - (Suatu Hari Nabi berjalan-jalan, dengan dibantu angin keliling dunia. Sulaiman memanggil segala jenis burung, "Burung mana yang mau saya jadikan raja?") - - Seuot Po Jampok Hai Teungku Ampon, Nyoepat Sigam long neuboh keuraja. Seubab Sigam long rupa that ceudah. Lagi ngen hebat ngen bulee mata. Mata jih bulat babah meukuweit. Cukop meusaheet Sigam keuraja - -(Jawab sang burung hantu, "Yang Mulia, ini putraku saja jadikan raja. Karena putraku wajahnya sangat rupawan. Lebih hebat lagi dengan bulu matanya. Matanya bulat mulutnya bengkok. Sangat cocok putraku jadi raja.) ---masih ada sambungan, kalo salah terjemahan mohon koreksi---- - Begitulah, Jampok tanpa malu memuji anaknya yg katanya begitu pantas jadi Raja. Lalu burung lain protes merasa pujian ibu Jampok sangat aneh, apalagi di bagian rupa. Mata burung hantu dinilai mengerikan, rupa 🐦 lain dirasa lebih indah. Ada yang merasa pantas dengan kemampuannya namun malah malu mengungkapkannya. - - -Intinya ada pada Memuji diri, PERCAYA DIRI tentu bukan masalah, namun jangan sampai tinggi hati. - - Semoga tak banyak lagi Jampok berkeliaran di Aceh 😂😂 Gnite! nabi hantu nyenyak night tight

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Das rot macht sich auch ganz gut am und unter dem Tannenbaum 😉 5 mattern s clean sofinstagram oftheday motive mobil swithoutlimits

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I snuck this sweet little owl stamp into the shop last night as well, and it's still there! I haven't carved enough owls lately, but will definitely be carving up some new ones in 2018 :)

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Дочь властелина Индии из сказки Калиф-аист. Daughter of the lord of India from the fairy tale Caliph-stork _1000 ist work art rrealism ist istoninstagram ration アート イラスト

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Barred owl taking off with mouse in its mouth ,

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A seed pearl encrusted owl, against a crescent moon - a perfect image for a cold frosty night. This lovely piece will be coming up in the Country House Sale on 20th January

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Mr Painter. Long time friend of all The Owl boys and Islingtons finest raver. He gets Christmas going with his well considered gifts time and time again. Here's to you Jonny lad. cut dressing barbershop shop cut life connect icon 6000 #50mm #30mm #16mm

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Bodysuit Owl Print - $13.80 ♥♥ . Search »»MrOwlie .com «« on Google/Yahoo or Link in BI0! s love art

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Working on finishing up another out on a limb rig. Color is Queen Bee from TAG. This new design and more will be available at Glass Vegas Feb. 5-7. Tag your local shop that you think should have our work. Thanks for looking, have a great day!!

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Brown Fish Owl s photography shots sofinstagram nwildlifeofficial _of_india photography shots za _pic photography shots addicts gram shots

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Check out out full range of door stops stop

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Frankly my dear, I just don’t give a hoot 🦉

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owl ! owl! OWL! ミミズク可愛い😍 . . . art holic8p #8p アート

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Didn't even see it coming

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"And at last I see the light..."☀️🌸🍃 •• Tangled is probably my favorite Disney princess movie of all time- I can watch it over and over again and still laugh and smile and get all the feels. I love how Rapunzel is an independent thinker and knows she deserves more (is more) than the life she is living. She is extremely creative, talented, and endearingly excitable. She really grows into herself in the movie, is a badass with a frying pan, and doesn't fall for a typical "Disney prince." 👑 •• What is YOUR favorite princess or Disney princess movie? 😁 ••• tography nerd aholic gram photography love , sandtea , ishrainbow , shelfie , , haul stagram , gram , tography , stagram feature stagram features ishfeatures _cave featurepage

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Barn owl ... like coming from a lost fairy tale in Christmas time. I admired this mystic beauty bird often on instapics - thank you all 🦉💞 . ofinstagram      

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