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Ya tenemos ganadores de 2018 en colaboración con Primer premio para por Reina de la noche. La fotografía está realizada a finales de verano en un entorno de encinar rodeado por campos de cultivo ¿El objetivo? Lograr la imagen perfecta combinando técnicas para mostrar un momento que nos señala lo importante que es preservar la biodiversidad en las zonas agrarias. Gracias, Mario! _seekers

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"Don't come to my yard man, cos you won't like what you're seeing" 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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I can never get sick of drawing owls. I will have prints available soon. 9x14 - marker and watercolor on mixed media paper

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ご飯たくさん食べて ウマウマ満足満足♪ なNike 鼻の穴にご注目🤣 のニケ

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①満足するまで離れない。 パート② 満足するまで動かない。 が!!! 少し寄ってみる。 stagram

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Got the background figured out, final piece. 🦉 . . Painted with Mijello Mission Gold watercolor paint. . . painting art study painting ist work ing painting _artists_help 4small istsoninstagram

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I’ve got some time for walk ins tomorrow through Saturday! tattoo ist#559 art

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Barn owl ... like coming from a lost fairy tale in Christmas time. I admired this mystic beauty bird often on instapics - thank you all 🦉💞 . ofinstagram      

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Barn owl detail 🐦 . . .

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Last night's beginning of this barn owl cutie pie! I avoided the barn owl for a while but what fun. Their feathers look like they are bedazzled with jewels. Haven't gotten that far in this drawing yet but looking forward to it! drawing

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My little skull collection from a barn owl pellet

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Lurking in the half-light and freaking out the daytime birds, Ghosts favourite game. artisanperfumes perfumery

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Last nine of the week, beautiful birds. I really enjoy doing these as I get the paints out as well as printing . . . inapeartree

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A total of 6 baby barn owls were rescued this morning. The one that fell yesterday just meant more trouble for the future babies since the nest was under a very busy highway here in Florida. The babies were super unhappy but did great in transport to another faculity! BOTTOM RIGHT PHOTO: 65ft up notice all the poop, thats where the "nest" was. This also really makes a statement about humans and how we encroach on land and animals are forced to try and live around our life and end up having to deal with the consequences. About 80 percent of rescues have to deal with humans being the root of the cause. We take up land and and cut down trees to build and the natural order is all messed up. we need to learn from our land and its creatures and have respect for it. we cant have owls nesting under expressways, we cant have eagles nesting in cell towers, we cant keep forcing nature out. all of us creatures serve a purpose here. #6 s

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Orders for Christmas are still flowing in. Please place your orders by midnight on Tuesday to guarantee Christmas delivery. owl

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🦉本日のエリンギ王子🦉 先日、やまとがいたフクロウカフェの系列店に餌を買いに行こうとして事前連絡したら、やまとが雛の時からお世話になっていたスタッフさんが、たまたまヘルプで来ているという事だったので、やまとを連れて行きました🚘🦉 初めての場所で、やまとは固まっていたけど、スタッフさんはやまととの再会を喜んでくれました🎶 今までで、一番白くて毛並みが良いと、褒められました💕(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧グッ! 最近は、テーブルの端っこがお気に入りで、時々落ちそうになりながらもそこで片足立ちしてる王子です👑🦉 そんな王子のおちりを狙う私…🍑😂 #🦉

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明日は、12:00からラストまで名古屋店におりまするので、みなさん遊びに来てね☺︎お仕事の方もアフターファイブに癒されにきてください😛 ❯❯❯❯ stagram 市中区 市中区栄 カフェ カフェ カフェ

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они слишком милые, так что запощу часть еще и сюда

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Art of baby barn owl

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Perks of rural working 🦉 . .

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①満足するまで離れない。 パート② 満足するまで動かない。 が!!! 少し寄ってみる。 stagram

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to seeing this magnificent just chilling on a fence post on my way to work one damp morning earlier this year ! Amazing! s life lifephotography photography photography top 800 10k

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My etsy sale is on all week! This owl print is a popular one, just £6 at the moment (usually £10). Perfect gift for a birdlover. For this and other sale items see link to shop in profile. shop lover

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We’re in awe of the magical Barn Owl sculptures in the Life Sciences atrium 😍🦉 check out their Instagram page for more pictures and info! uni

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We have all of our new feathered friends settled into the building now! Come along and see our magnificent barn owls 🦉 .... s s versity installation work salivewales

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ご飯たくさん食べて ウマウマ満足満足♪ なNike 鼻の穴にご注目🤣 のニケ

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At the moment I have 2 owls, Charlie and James, and 3 hawks, Akila, Gaya and Kenai 🤗 next year I will be getting 2 more owls, both of the bubo family, and thinking of getting another small species... but which one?... In mind: Boobook, glaucops of Black Barnowl... they are all so much fun! s ofprey stagram

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So I decided to return little Joffrey after me spending an hour making all the pottermore tests over and over again confirming that I'm a Slytherin with a Hippogriff patronus so I transfered that to little Joffrey over here oc ical schoolofwitchcraftandwizardry ological ologicalcreatures ologicalbeasts

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pretty bird

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That stare that says “What are you doing in my space? Get the F... out!”

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Custom Inked barn owl on coyote skull. For sale here- Shop link in bio. s ist art

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Whooos that perched in the tree? Baby barn owl custom order. The last order of the year... toy plush

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That's right! Only $2, with free shipping, how could it get any better? Come snag yours. Shop link in profile. *Owl lovers destination *FREE SHIPPING *Bags, jewelry, bedding, mugs and more

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Barn Owl. I was fortunate enough to work on s project that involved nest boxes and banding of these magnificent birds.

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I Love barn owls they're my favorite

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I’ve got some time for walk ins tomorrow through Saturday! tattoo ist#559 art

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. . . 🦉「今日、雪降るらしいね❓」 . 🙍‍♂️「すでに積もってますけど、、、」 . の時の一枚📸 . . . の家 の暮らし カフェ カフェ からの風景 からの景色 _feature

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***This is not my picture... that being said, I am sitting at a gas station in Louisiana, right east of New Orleans. Big field, not much lighting, and a foreboding sky. I’m outside letting the dog take a shit just looking at the sky, pondering. Mind you; about 10 min earlier I had a huge fight with the cats because they were going ape shit at the doors, trying to get out. Back to when the dog was pooping: out of nowhere, a bird of some sort starts growing in the sky. Closer and closer until it’s markings were clearly visible; a barn owl! The owl swooped near, and into the light. It’s face was pointed directly towards me and Othello. (O was entirely oblivious 🙄). My heart stopped. I was in AWE. All that was going through my was the sound “ooooooooo” and it turned and left. Didn’t see it again. And trust me looked. One of my most monumental tattoos includes an owl. This was friggin nuts man.

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最近ホント自分にも慣れてきた?のか、エサの途中で寝るようになってきました…^^; 今回はグローブに乗ったまま寝落ちそうな霧様( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ ) いや〜少しは慣れてきてくれて嬉しい(*´∀`*)

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I think I messed up on the color and whatnot but, some practice is better than none and progress is only made by the persistent. makes

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‪今日も元気におはようございます🌈ふくろう茶房.鳩ヶ谷店12時Openです🦉♪朝のお掃除中かまってが激しいので新聞の屋根を作ってみたら…まさかのお気に召したようで(●´ω`●)ずっと遊んでました💕本日も皆様のご来店お待ちしておりますᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ💫‬ . 茶房 茶房鳩ヶ谷店 カフェ カフェ cafe photo

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